10 on the 10th–digi scrapping edition

This past weekend my favorite digi store, Sweet Shoppe Designs, had a big sale. I’ve bought hardly any digi scrap stuff so far this year because I haven’t been in a position to use it. But this weekend I was feeling good & decided to indulge myself a little.

Here are the 10 things I bought

I bought a few kits

1. the manly looking A Perfect Gentleman


2. the useful Everday Storytelling


3. Havoc’s 1st baseball game is this weekend so I got this kit


4. I just love the look of this kit


5. I got some more of Darcy’s fonts


6. A set of templates


7. Digital slip ins…not sure about how I am going to use these but they looked interesting


8. A stamp style alpha


9. and a colorful kraft alpha


10. hmmm… apparently I forgot to download my 10th item so I am off to do that now.

I haven’t actually managed to scrap anything yet but I have at least gotten the stuff unzipped & put away in folders, so that is something.

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