Words on Wednesday


Between the sports & the video games, the dinos just aren’t getting out much anymore.


I knew they’d stop playing with them someday but I’m not ready for it to be now.

Or even someday.

We all use different things to mark the passage of time in our children – the things they say, the clothes they wear, their activities.

Mine seems to be the toys they play with, probably because up until video games, I played with the toys as well.

The racecars still get used because Havoc is into cars. The trains were packed up almost two years ago. The clones don’t see much action these days either.

Even the Legos seem to have been left behind. Mayhem has yet to assemble one of his birthday sets.

They are outside playing football or baseball or they are inside playing Plants vs Zombies or Madden NFL or Truck Racing on the Wii.

I suppose soon enough they’ll be texting on their cell phones

Most days I don’t mind seeing them getting older, growing up, having new interests. These are good things.

But dinos spending all their time in the bin makes me sad.

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3 comments to Words on Wednesday

  • I am sad too, Stacey, I have always loved to see what the Dinos and Clones were up to when you shared.

  • What a touching post today; how can I get teary over dinos?
    I hated when Henry gave up trains and Clara her dolls. . . but the good thing about sports is that I can still share that with them. And art, too. I hate the way they get soooo lost in texting . . . no space for me there.

  • You can always do things with the dinos. DD24 still watches Spongebob with her dad. Take heart – the winter may be better.