The low end

of normal.

I’m not sure how I went from being so very average at so many things to being ‘at the low end of normal range’ for everything.

Except, you know, my weight.

The one thing I’d like to be at the low end of normal with I‘m actually up there at the high end, occasionally even surpassing it.

Go me!

At least I am surpassing normal at something.

I’ll try not to celebrate with a donut.

The latest area where I am hovering right at the edge of normal is with my iron levels.

I saw my sleep doc last Thursday for my ‘4 month f/u insomnia’ as the appointment card put it. We talked about my meds, namely about my recent need to nearly double the amount I was taking during my 10 days of enforced time off from the gym due the whole arm/neck/shoulder thing (probably I could have done cardio still but you know how when you are in pain in one area you don’t feel like doing much of anything with the rest of your body either? Well, that won’t be happening anymore). Seems my restless leg syndrome is highly reactive to my physical activity, also to the amount of sleep I get (a vicious circle) and heaven help me if I have that second margarita or third glass of wine.

I’m glad I have pills for it but I did wonder there was an underlying cause I might be overlooking. Did I need to eat more bananas, drink more water, would a daily serving of brussel sprouts help? (please god no).

But it seems they don’t know what causes restless leg syndrome.

Some of us I are just lucky I guess.

It does often accompany some conditions though and ruling them out could help with the RLS.

One of these is low iron.

They’d done an iron test on me at the start of all this a year ago and I was at the low end of normal. But still normal and at the time it was determined my RLS was moderate so there was no noticeable correlation. Now it seems my RLS is actually severe, so the doc wants to see if a higher iron level would ease some of the symptoms.

I get to spend the next 6 months eating rare to medium rare cooked red meat (not a hardship), leafy greens (iffy), lentils (not the killer lentils!), mussels, clams, beetroot, broccoli, assorted dried fruits, a bunch of other stuff that I mostly eat anyway but not with any focused regularity and taking a daily iron supplement with orange juice. There are a bunch of rules about pairing up some stuff with other stuff so the iron absorption is maximized which ought to complicate my meal planning for awhile until I get it all sorted

And it could be related to the IUD and the endo and perimenopause, so I get to talk about that with the ob/gyn in a couple of weeks.

I asked if this iron rich diet could lead to weight loss and was told ‘probably not’

So I’ll at least stay at the high end of normal for something anyway.

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