I was shocked!


Earlier this month I had to trek down to Specialist City to see my sleep doc.

I call it Specialist City because every one of the family’s medical specialists are located there. Not one is located in nearby Small Town. No. We have to drive a hour or so Specialist City if we have anything more than the flu. Our regular doc in Tiny Town can deal with that at least.

Despite the drive I enjoy going to Specialist City, assuming I don’t have the problem child with me. If I have him along I am annoyed because he misses 2 additional hours of schooling due to the drive time. But by myself, with an early-ish appointment, Specialist City can be a fun place to visit.

It’s a medium sized city. It has vastly more stores & restaurants than Small Town does. It has mom & pop shops, small stores, chain stores, big box stores, strip malls & indoor malls. Due to the layout of the town I have to drive through the main commercial area to get to the medical center, so it is not in the least bit inconvenient for me to stop at JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s or Ulta, or have my eyebrows threaded or my oil changed or pick up Organic Fair Trade coffee beans or stop in Marcy’s Yarn Shoppe.

Though I do try to restrict my ‘Shoppe’ shopping to Small & Tiny Town. Stores located in buildings that survived the Civil War can call themselves ‘Shoppe’s in my opinion, stores in strip malls built in the 1990s cannot.

There is a Barnes & Noble bookstore in Specialist City & one upon a time I made a point of stopping in there every time I was in the area. Sometimes I would drive down there just to go to B&N.

I stopped in there after seeing the sleep doc. I had 3 gift cards with partial balances on them and B&N online’s shipping sucks compared to Amazon’s so I didn’t want to use the cards online.

Once I was in the store I picked up some books, bought a cup of decaf & a muffin and sat to look through them. While doing so I noticed a few things had moved around since my last visit. Then I wondered just when that last visit was.

I had no idea.

Maybe it was when I picked up the Hallmark ornaments in November but probably not because that would have taken all my free spending money & I can’t go in a bookstore with no money. It wasn’t after my sleep doc appointment in October because I met Mel after that one & we went to the walking mall. So maybe the visit before that? May?

Holy crap! Had it really been 10 months since I was in a book store?

That’s just not possible!

Or at least I would have sworn up one side & down the other that it was not possible.

I could not imagine there would ever be a time when I could not recall precisely when I was last in a bookstore.

I love bookstores. Up until that moment I could never have imagined 10 months going by without my entering one.

But I suppose lack of money & a Kindle will do that.

I get about 80% of my reading material from the library. Free is good. I buy about 15% of it for my Kindle and the remaining 5% is split between comics & graphic novels bought from Amazon (with it’s low prices & free shipping) or half.com (for even lower priced used books) and books I am given free in exchange for reviewing them. Kids books come from Target or Amazon

There really is no need for me to go into a bookstore. Or at least no need for me to drive an hour to get to one. I’d like to think if there was something other than a Christian bookstore in Small Town I’d go to it. I did end up buying the Girl Genius Omnibus vol 1 at B&N after all and when we had a used bookstore I was in there monthly, but it closed 3 or so years ago.

Do you still go to bookstores? As much as you did 3-5 years ago?

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8 comments to I was shocked!

  • Helena C

    The last 4 times I was in a bookshop it was a way to spend an hour on a rainy day in an overseas city. I no longer visit my local bookstores because I mostly buy kindle or secondhand from the charity shop.

  • 10 months is a long time I guess… Though I don’t go to book shops as often as I used to either. Lots of reasons – Kindle being one, time another. And if the bookstore has to order in a book, I have to go back to fetch it. If I order online, it arrives with no extra work for me. I rarely go into town anyway – once a month is “often” for me just now. I suppose it’s no wonder the shops are closing down – sad really…

  • I think I go about the same amount either with a specific purchase in mind or to just wander. I do get alot of books on my Kindle but I give “real” books as gifts. I don’t worry about B&N but I do feel sad for all the small bookstore owners.

  • So rarely do I go into book stores now :( I have a similar problem to you in that I have to travel to get to any decent book shop that doesn’t sell just chicklit! I have no end of trouble buying comics….get them on my iphone through Comixology app at the moment. I don’t have a Kindle (yet!!!) but I can’t justify paying the book prices over here so end up ordering from Amazon (which again, is a rare occurance :( !) or waiting till I go home to see my sister!
    I do miss browsing but it’s worse when you have no money so I guess, it’s best to avoid them!

  • What a great observation! I do sometimes feel like amazon has replaced the book store for me. Sometimes i find myself lost in the website browsing books for an hour or more.
    And I used to do the same thing at book stores. I think there was even a time when DH and I dreamed of owning a coffeshop/ book store.

    • How Tax Is Calculated:If an item is subject to sales tax in the state to which the order is shpiepd, tax is generally calculated on the total selling price of each individual item. from amazon +2Was this answer helpful?

  • Most of my books come from Amazon & Amazon marketplace these days. That and the library. I have been downloading a lot to my Kindle too. I do go into bookshops when I’m in town, but mostly to look. And stroke. Just the odd book is bought new from an actual bookshop. If it’s the right price.
    This is worrying when you consider that I work for a chain of newsagents/booksellers…

  • Its easily been a year since I was in a bookstore. I usually buy from charity shops. Now that my children have broken my kindle (I know! Waaa!) I might e buying a few more books.