Even when I try, I fail at cleaning

Admittedly I do not make a habit of rotating the food stuffs in my house with the frequency I probably ought.

You know, when you buy new stuff you are supposed to put it to the back of the shelf so you use the older stuff first?

That doesn’t happen much in this house

Because I’d have to move the old stuff and really.. I just bought new stuff.  I went to the store, I pushed a rattling squeaky wheeled cart around for an hour while listening to my own or others’ children whine wail & cry and then I stood in one of the two open lines for who knows how long fending off my offspring’s endless nagging for a candy bar (“We’ll pay you back, promise!”), endured the not at all subtle sighs of irritation from the cashier, confronted with reusable bags that don’t conveniently hang from the plastic bag hangers, then was that woman chasing loose change around the bottom of her purse because she knows she has exactly 37 cents and dammit she is going to find those two pennies and not hand over the quarter, nickel and dime she’s already located because she has enough damn pennies as it is..somewhere in here…, then carried the overloaded bags to the car, sat in traffic (three cars making left turns at the stop sign!! are you kidding me??) while listening to two children use their words to make one another whine in annoyance & beg for something ,anything from one of the fast food places we pass, followed by carrying the overloaded bags from the car to the kitchen (and did I mention it’s raining and we have no garage?) and then put the food away.

I gave up on making additional effort somewhere around the time I found the second penny. The thought of taking the current food out of the fridge to then put new food, followed by the old food back in the fridge is enough to make me question whether I should just go ahead and open that bottle of wine now, at 10am, and avoid the lunchtime rush.

I last cleaned and thoroughly cleaned out the fridge in mid January 2010.

I took everything out of it, including the shelves and bins and I went through every single item in it.

Every. Single. ONE

Nothing was overlooked.

If it had a date on it it was closely scrutinized and dealt with accordingly.

Since then I’ve mostly kept on top of stuff on the main shelves. Oh sure sometimes half used jars of alfredo sauce end up hidden by bottles of chocolate caramel coffee creamer and homemade Irish Cream, but I tend to find those shortly after I run out of creamer or Cream, so every 6 weeks or so at most.

But the door bins get neglected.

They are home to the randomly used condiments and rarely needed marinades, assorted fast food sauce packets and leftover tablespoon sized pats of butter, still in their whole 8 tablespoon wrappers.

Yesterday, after one of the door bins got knocked askew by someone trying to put a tall ketchup bottle back in a short bin, because why try to make room back in the tall bin, I decided to go through all the stuff in the bins. Many appeared to be half used & I was willing to bet some had expired.

This is the stuff that was expired


The Heinz 57 bottle was opened but it looked utterly unused. Not all the surprising considering I can’t imagine why it was even in the house in the first place.

Slightly more stuff than in Jan 2010 but apart from the Heinz, most of it was over half used, if not more and only one was a bottle of salad dressing, so I have obviously gotten my desire to sample salad dressing under control. 

Now to work on my marinade habit.

The honey mustard was the oldest the in the fridge this time.

Know when it expired?


Yep, you read that right.

June 2009.

6 months BEFORE I cleaned the fridge last time.

I can’t win.

Even when I do my very best, I still fail at this housekeeping thing.

Do you think they have a fridge cleaning service I can hire to come in 2-3 times a year and do this for me?

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4 comments to Even when I try, I fail at cleaning

  • We clean our fridge once a week at work which means that any cleaning gene I have in me has been ‘satisfied’ by the time I have a day off. Which means, I am now a bit scared of the bottles in my fridge. I have just thrown a unopened packet of paninis that had gone mouldy in the bread bin. Guess that is as far as I will go today. LOL

  • I’m with you – how can there be things that expired in the last decade? I think there are reverse borrowers who come in and place these things in our fridge and cupboard.

  • Of course, it’s entirely possible that you bought the Honey Mustard after it expired. These things happen, and who date checks their groceries?

  • lindajones

    I cleaned out old stuff, then found the bottle of the “new” brown mustard– dated 2005. Took me 24 hours to decide to throw it out, too. Fridge, empty.