10 Things on the 11th

I am a day late. My arm was not cooperating Friday or Saturday

In honor of my annoying arm my 10 on the 10th list is

10 Thing I Do When I Can’t Be On the Computer

1. Cross Stitch. I have made significant progress on my second Dolly Mama’s project. I have the top bit of border still to do and of course miles of backstitching, but to nearly complete a cross stitch project in 2 months is almost miraculous


2. Watch tv. The tower crashing left me unable to fullfill my plan of streaming Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along, but I have had a succession of DVD’s of Poirot mysteries to entertain me instead. Plus some new Blue Ray videos


3. Clean out things, which probably ought to happen more often but I’ll take what I can get


4.Read books


5. Play card games with the boys


6. Paint my nails


7. Shop for sports bras. Seriously, this has taken up far more of my time than something like it really should.


8. Clean the house. I don’t have a photo for this because it never stays clean long enough to take one.

9. Make better lunches


10. Get on the computer ‘for just a few minutes’ because my arm is feeling better.

This post is part of shimelle’s 10 Things meme. Come join us and check out other 10 things!

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