The week that was

It started out with promise.

Our 3pm Monday doc appointment actually happened at 3pm. In fact, it happened at 2:50, just moments after we arrived in the waiting room. The visit only took about 10 minutes & everyone behaved.

This did seriously mess with my dinner plans, which were predicated on an hour wait to be taken back to the doc and a half hour visit, putting us driving across town smack in the middle of rush hour. But no, we were on the road by 3:30, sending us past the pizza place at 4:15 instead of closer to 6pm as I’d expected.

Cold pizza is still dinner though, so I called Monday a win.

Tuesday’s chiro visit went well also. Seems my insurance is allowing me a whopping 30 visits at their ‘specialist’ rates. Granted that is for the whole year but the guy thinks I’ll need less than half those to get my left side sorted. One treatment & the pain in my arm was gone. The jaw & neck issue not so much but I consider Tuesday a win as well.

Wednesday though… well, it all fell apart on Wednesday.

The horrible thing (a crown) and the appalling thing (paying a ginormous sum of money) both became necessary.

Oh they didn’t actually happen. That’s next month when they can fit in a 90 minute dental visit (and to give me time to auction my firstborn on ebay to pay for it).

This left me with an excess of adrenaline floating around my body as I was very worked up about the possibility of experiencing the horrible thing that very visit and was instead just given a quick patch over the sharp edges, only charged $80 and then sent on my way feeling queasy from the lack of terror.

The thing you have to understand about me & dental visits is it takes very little to make me cry in fear. Pretty much saying “The dentist will be in in a minute to take a look” is enough to do it. My dentist isn’t in the least bit scary either. She’s a very funny lady who understands how I get & works with it. She talked me through the whole procedure & my horror level has dropped from defcon 1 root canal level to only somewhat higher than a god I hate fillings general unhappiness. It helps knowing Smart Ass Sara has had it done without any meds & is still alive to talk about it.

Thursday did not improve much from Wednesday.

Sure, I didn’t need the new transmission filter. But. What I did need was new rotors & pads on my back brakes. The rotors were so thin they couldn’t be milled, they had to be replaced.

$519 and 5 hours later, my car will stop on a dime.

Which is about all that is left in our bank account.

I am hoping the universe sees all this and takes pity on me tomorrow and the tower will raise itself when cranked.  If I am going to be stuck at home with no money for the next month or more, some decent internet speeds would sure be nice

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3 comments to The week that was

  • Awww… a rather mixed week then! I am glad the Monday and Tuesday visits were okay (in fact they sound very okay!). Sorry about the expensive stuff… and the dentist. I had a crown done recently; it was okay, it really was.

    I also hate the dentist, though in recent years I have managed to find a “well, it’s only a half-hour/hour/90 mins of my life” sort of attitude, which I find does help me not panic (kind of along the lines of “act confident and you’ll start believing that you feel confident – then you will” – remember that one?)

    The first visit was an hour or so, with my mouth open, while the dentist did the prep work and fitted a temporary crown. But no pain – a bit uncomfortable, I grant you, but the only “pain” was a stiff jaw towards the end (and I do have a “low pain threshold” too!).

    The second visit was to remove the temporary crown and fit the permanent one that had been made at the dental lab. It was so quick – less than 30 minutes – I was amazed. Again, no pain – not even jaw-ache this time. The temporary crown just came off, no problem. The nice new one went on, no problem. It took a couple of days to get used to the “feel” of it, as it has to fit tightly between the teeth either side, so it feels strange (not painful, just a bit unusual); once I had got used to that, it was all fine. It is great to have the crown – now I no longer have the slight worry that the root filling will fall apart and break off the remaining tooth as well. Much better to have the crown done, than lose that tooth!

    The only thing I would say, is that if you have had a stiff shoulder etc, take along a small pillow/ soft small towel, that you can place behind your kneck and/or shoulders, to support it. I have kneck problems, since that fall I had and if my kneck gets stiff, I get dizzy or vertigo. The dentist had a memory-foam kneck support, which he put behind my head/kneck. It was great – no problems. Without it, I may have ended up in bed sick. Worth asking at your next Chiro appointment (so glad your insurance will pay – mine pays back half the cost of my Osteopath, up to an annual max – it does help!).

    Glad your sore shoulder is ok now, by the way. And I wish you a cash windfall from somewhere, to help with that car bill!
    Have a good weekend!

  • Alison

    Glad at least the first part of the week went well..hope you are successful tomorrow!
    Alison xx

  • I have a lovely dentist now, but in the past I’ve had some bad experiences. As a result, a couple of years ago I finally decided I’d had it with feeling anxious and sweaty and freaked out every time I went to the dentist and I asked him for something to calm my nerves. So for the first time at 40 I got nitrous oxide while having a crown done. It was a revelation. I was able to come out of the dentist’s office not covered in flop sweat and hopped up on adrenaline. Sure, the bill brought those things back, but at least the procedure itself was WAY less of an anxiety fest for me. I recommend it.