Project 365 so far

2012 Project


I’ve got 24 photos edited for January

It’s Photo a Day project, not Editing a Day project. Though actually I may do that the second half of the year.

My P365 began on my birthday back in July & runs until then this year.

It’s playing merry hell with my 2011 photo book project.

Normally by now I have not only completed my photo book, but ordered it and had it delivered but this year so far I haven’t even begun assembling it. I have 7 months of some random photos and 5 months of 365 plus many more random ones. I took 15 photos last February. All on one occasion. I took 135 photos on at least 8 occasions in October.

Balance is a challenge.

It’s just so much easier with a photo a day.

Remind me never to skip a year again.

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