I have this terrible pain

in all the diodes down my left side.

Sad but true. And Marvin now has far more of my sympathy that he ever did before

(Marvin is a depressed & rather whiny robot in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, for those who have not read it. You *should* read it though, it’s good stuff)

The pain starts at my left ear, works its way down my neck, shoulder and left arm before picking back up around my left ovary, occasionally hitting the sciatic nerve & oh yes, there is a huge bruise on my left calf from where I banged it this weekend trying to move that damn collapsed tower.

Temporomandibular joint disorder is what they suspect is causing the ear pain, since there is nothing actually wrong with my ear itself. They merely suspect because they wouldn’t want to do anything so drastic as to say, oh I don’t know…xray the area, just yet. First I must try taking mega doses of ibuprophen to bring down the inflammation, which I will admit is something of an issue for me. First it can play merry hell with my stomach and second I don’t always remember to take the pills. 

Also I have to stop resting my chin in my left hand while I am on the computer. It’s probably responsible for the TMJD and the pain in my neck, shoulder & elbow.

I found this on Pinterest & made it my background as a reminder


Unfortunately all the reminders in the world don’t actually stop me doing it. I’ve probably inflamed everything from my ear to my elbow time & again with this one gesture.

Staying off the computer is the only thing that really prevents it, so between that & the whole tower fiasco I have been limiting my screen time. Moving my laptop off my desk & into my lap in another location is not really an option because then I end up stressing out my right arm for some reason.

I apologize if I have been neglecting comments lately. It’s probably not going to get any better for a couple of weeks while I force myself to find other things to do with spare time.

My latest cross stitch project is coming along nicely. I’m caught up with the second season of Downton Abbey and am on disc 3 of the Borgias.  I’d had hopes of streaming Dr Horrible’s Sing a Long but that ended with the tower collapse. I have reread 12 or so of Carola Dunn’s books, all 3 Marshall Karps books and both books by Deborah Coontz as well as 4 new books.  I’m knocking out a book a day on average.

But I’d rather be online. Things are happening on the internet without me!

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5 comments to I have this terrible pain

  • Grrr… I just wrote a longish and sympathetic comment, which my Internet Connection happily swallowed, then spat out a “connection not found” message. Grrr….

    So, what I was trying to say was… I have sympathy with your achey muscles. It’s worth taking time to recover, or it will stick around for a long time. I find a brisk walk each day is helpful – it relaxes me and my stiff muscles, gets the blood flowing and helps recovery. Also, an ice-pack on the sore area(s), for 10 minutes, a few times a day. This slows the blood-flow, but when you remove the ice-pack, the blood rushes back and it encourages healing, as well as reducing inflammation. No more than 10 mins though, as the Osteopath says you can get frost-bite!
    Would you be able to find a chiropractor or osteopath, to re-align your joints and muscles, so you can start to recover quicker? Or maybe a better desk chair might help you too – nothing worse than slouching!
    I do hope you soon feel fine and that we’ll see you back here shortly. X

  • Alison

    Good advice from Lizzie..I should probably take it myself…feel better soon!
    Alison xx

  • So sorry you are feeling poorly, and have no SuperTower. I’ve not watched Dr. Horrible, tho’ it is on my list. Marvin is DD24’s favorite character.
    (((((HUGS))))). I am off Sat. at midnight on a whirlwind trip to Virginia w/ DD24 to visit her DH (Sunday) and reclaim their property (Mon.10AM) home around 10pm Monday. ARGH!! Why is my transporter not working??!!

  • We’ll miss you, but take care. I caught up on Downton Abbey recently, too. Just in time for the season finale.

  • Whatever you do, please don’t use your laptop on your lap – you will only end up with neck and back problems.
    i had an op on my right hand a while back and taught myself to use my mouse left handed. You could try that to stop the chin leaning thing,