And so it goes

Let me tell you about my plans for this week

Today, Monday, I have to take the boy with the problem for a follow up appointment. It was supposed to be Thursday but the people we are seeing have some other thing suddenly happening that day so it got moved.

Today is a federal holiday & the kids have the day off. So I have to take both boys with me.


You have no idea how bad of an idea this is. First there is the hour plus drive to the appointment during which they will verbally poke & prod one another until I am driven to that most stereotypical of parental responses “Don’t make me pull this car over!!!” or make them put their heads in their laps until I say different, which I have been known to push for as long as humanly possible just to enjoy the silence.

Then we get to the office, where, with a 3pm appointment it is exceedingly unlikely we will be seeing anyone before 4. Allowing the entire waiting room to experience what I did on the drive down. By the time problem boy is interacting with the docs, non problem boy is totally over all this sitting around and bouncing off the walls, distracting his brother & it’s not like I can take him out of the room for the duration as my input is needed with the docs as well.

And did I mention it snowed here last night?

Tomorrow I get to see the chiropractor for an evaluation and general spine cracking. Then I get to argue with my insurance about how many times they will allow me to see him on their dime. Possibly this will lead to another visit to my PCP for a letter recommending I see the chiropractor, even though she already said that the last time I saw her. I don’t know if she forgets these things or wants to talk to me about it some more or wants the billable hours, but somehow if I don’t leave her office with a signed note at the time I cannot just call up a week later and ask for a fax to be sent saying what I was already told.

Wednesday is a horrible, no good, very bad day & just thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies.

I have to go to the dentist.

Part of my back molar broke off. No doubt weakened by years of grinding my teeth and a somewhat whacked filling job a couple decades ago. The thing is, that filling covers most of my molar, except that corner that broke off, and I am terrified they are going to say they can’t just replace the filling but I need a crown. I don’t know what horrifies me more, the whole distressing  experience of getting the crown or the truly appalling experience of paying for it all out of pocket.

So much for paying for a mud room with our tax refund money.

Should there be a dime left of that refund I will be using it Thursday when I take my car to the shop for it’s oil change & regular maintenance. I’m getting the transmission flushed. This will be at least $179, with a possible additional $129 for a new filter if necessary.

Any odds on whether that filter will be necessary?

Friday so far is open. No doubt the fall out from my various activities earlier in the week will take up Friday.

On the upside, sorta, the tower has been cranked back down.  After a prolonged conversation with the ISP a week or so ago that more or less ended with “Whatever. You can’t make it any worse; we consider that tower a loss.” we adjusted the tower and set some 50lb bags of sand on the top & middle sections to encourage the bend to straighten out. It worked for the top section! But the middle has bends going in more than one direction & we couldn’t figure out how lay it down to set counter pressure one way without making the bend worse in another way. So we decided to crank the whole thing down into the bottom section, which is straight. The hope is that,sandwiched between the straight bottom section and mostly straight top section, the equal pressure on all sides will help straighten the middle section.

Plus if it can all be collapsed into the bottom section, it can be set up again & re-erected.

But unfortunately the bends were such that it could not be cranked down with the tower crank. DH had to use a ‘come along’ winch to fore the middle section into the bottom section & there is no way to apply force to get it back out if the tower is upright.

So we are waiting a week or two to let the heat of the sun on the metal & the pressure of the top & bottom sections hopefully at least somewhat straighten the middle enough that it will slide out properly..

If we can set it up and the middle section will go up, then the ISP will come out with a new receiver & redo the whole install. I told them if that happens they have to bring much longer ground ties as that is what gave way, causing the collapse.

DH said he’ll just go to Lowes and buy them.

All I can say is, it would really make this nasty, miserable week so very much better if, on Saturday we could turn that crank & have the tower slide out.

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6 comments to And so it goes

  • Um, that sucks. All of it. Not one thing in this sounds like a fun time and I wonder how you aren’t an alcoholic.

    But I will tell you that getting a crown is not horrible. I had one and I had it done without novocaine because hey! I’m resistant to all of that stuff courtesy of a botched epidural. So if I can do it with full pain you can totally do it. :)

  • Yikes! Looks like you’re in for a doozy of a week.
    Sorry about that.

  • Aw, poor you. We all have weeks like this, but that doesn’t make it easier when The Week is happening to you! X
    I hope the guys manage to behave themselves, just a bit, on the drive. No mileage in having one in the front seat, the other in the back, with hand-held computer games and/or music players? You know, they do make really big dog-cages, that fit in the back trunk of the car… but then, you have the difficulty of deciding which child to confine in the cage – guess it could be one on the way there and the other on the way back… (joke, honestly it’s a joke…)
    I hope the tooth/crown turns out to be okay. I just had a crown fitted, on a molar (not right at the back, about half way). It was okay – much less stress than I expected. The first visit was around 40 minutes to an hour, with my mouth open a fair part of that time – this was the worst part, as I got such a tired mouth. I had made up my mind that it was going to happen, it would be a nuisance, but it was only an hour of my life… and it was ok. The second visit was to replace the temporary crown with the real one that was made in the dental lab. That was barely 20 minutes and I almost skipped out the door. I think a root filling is way worse than a crown… I hope you find that too!
    I won’t say “have a good week” as it sounds like a bit of a lost cause – but I do hope it is all much easier than you are expecting and that luck is on your side, with the car repairs and the tower.

  • middlechild

    You certainly need a vacation! Just reading this gave me a headache. I must admit that I got lost near the end there. No worries. Just breathe and try to find some you time.

  • I’m going to just give you a hard time here and say, because of this new article we all read about in the Wall Street Journal, that you should be French so your kids would act like angels, not demons. BEcause the article says French parents do a better job of raising well behaved children. And since I’ve spent the past 11 days in France, I can agree that 90% of the time, this has been the case. Angels in restaurants. Cute little gems on the metro. BUt there was the temper tantrum throwing girl on the street the other day. And the little girl who was having a blast racing with her sister and when her father said it was time to go, she ranted in French that she didn’t FEEL LIKE leaving. He threw her over his shoulder and they left. So yeah, I agree that they know what they are doing. Until they are teenagers. THen the French get a little wild and immature. It’s like they have it together until they are about 10 and then the terrible twos begin.

    And if you were in France, you’d have all the free medical care you wanted and you could even convince your pcp to prescribe stress relieving pedicures and massages. I’m serious, there are ways to do that here if your feet or back are your source of pain.

    And, you’d have a tiny little car if you lived here, so you’d probably pay less for work on it. PLus you can pretty much always negotiate prices.

    So yeah, you should move to France this week. That’s my professional opinion.

  • Hope the week isn’t progressing too badly. I’m crossing my fingers that the tooth is easily fixed, and the car does not need that filter. Hey, luck has to be with you at some point, eh?

    And I’m really hoping that your tower straightens itself out.