Wordy Wednesday

I’ve been spending most of my time reading these days.

Not being able to be on the computer too long has left me with plenty of time on my hands.

Sometimes I read in the living room but sitting on the sofa for too long cramps up my muscles, which are already suffering from an […]


I think most of my arm issues stem from a problem of ergonomics at my desk.

This is my current desk chair

It’s your basic $20 Wal Mart desk chair from 3-5 years ago.

It’s a chair, you sit on it, it rolls. Basically that is all I ask of a chair.

Oh […]

The week that was

It started out with promise.

Our 3pm Monday doc appointment actually happened at 3pm. In fact, it happened at 2:50, just moments after we arrived in the waiting room. The visit only took about 10 minutes & everyone behaved.

This did seriously mess with my dinner plans, which were predicated on an hour wait to […]

And so it goes

Let me tell you about my plans for this week

Today, Monday, I have to take the boy with the problem for a follow up appointment. It was supposed to be Thursday but the people we are seeing have some other thing suddenly happening that day so it got moved.

Today is a federal holiday […]

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