Tower update

It’s made it from the trailer to the roof, but it is still horizontal


They came & moved it a couple Saturdays ago.

But then they realized part of the top was bent from the fall it took & would have to be hammered back to straight.

Then they discovered the gear part that moves & controls the receiver at the top of the tower is broken.

And the place in town where they normally bought new ones stopped carrying them.

And no place else in town has it & no other company that might use them had any spares to sell so they had to order it to be shipped.

And then it snowed.

Plus I am at the bottom of the priority list. That pole in the photo is my current source of internet and it works so everyone else with problems or who are new installs come before my upgrade.

Also? And this is the kick in the pants part…

They are looking at putting a new broadcaster up in my area. Part of my problems are that too many people in our area are feeding off of one broadcaster so they want to put up a new one.

They found a site less that half a mile from my house!!!

But due to our house being topographically challenged, we are slightly downhill on the other side of a rise between us & the new site.

So we can’t see the new broadcast tower & broadband signal works on line of sight, hence our need for a 50ft pole or 75ft mini tower because we can’t see any of the other towers either.

New, close, limited usage tower and we can’t use it.

Technology. Never short of new ways to hate on me.

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