Or not.

I am sporadic on the resolutions thing. I know my likelihood of keeping things like resolutions.

But I don’t let my past failures stop me from trying again. I go into it knowing things will fall by the wayside.

I’m lazy. I embrace this about myself & accept the limitations it gives me. I acknowledge I may not succeed, and that is ok. I made the effort & for me, sometimes, just making the effort is really an accomplishment.

I’ve decided the goal this year is is to be better at budgeting – my time, my habits, my money, my wants, my attention span – all of it needs better planning than I have been doing lately.

I fail at things because I don’t consider my limitations fully

Reality is, life comes to a halt for a new book.

It just does & I need to make plans to allow for the books. New book coming on on Jan 17th?. Make sure there are leftovers available for supper that night. Finish on the 16th the layout that needs to be done by the 19th

I also only semi plan things. I have cookbooks full of post it notes marking recipes I want to try but unless it occurs to me to pick up the book & thumb through it, I never think about those recipes.

And I don’t often pick up those cookbooks without a specific recipe in mind.

I need a step two – first tag the recipe, then…write it down on a list? Add the recipe to the card stack? Then a step 3 Add the recipe to the menu board? Add ingredients to the grocery list?

I have gotten into the habit of estimating how long things will take to do, what stuff I have in stock & how much money I have in the account or have spent recently.

So my resolution is get a budget going of time, supplies, money & goals for my various areas of interest & keep track & pay attention to those things, not just guess & estimate.

Maybe things will finish better for a change & maybe I will finally make that meatball soup I keep thinking I ought to try.

Do you do resolutions, goals, one little word, etc?

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7 comments to Resolved

  • ptooie

    I last had a cigarette 3 weeks ago; the goal is to continue not having one all year. ;)

  • I fall into a bit of the lazy category myself and I am a huge procrastinator though I start off with great intentions. I don’t have one word this year but if I did it might be Finish or Follow through!

  • I think it’s important to recognize limitations! I’m focusing on my home this year, and I’ve done some cleaning, purging or reorganizing every day for the last week. My creative space and clothes closet (they’re related b/c I use it to store stuff) are finally getting under control. It feels great!

  • LOL, I have the same problem with books – I love them almost too much! When I get a really good one I have trouble getting things done, and going to bed at a reasonable time… lol. And I’m just as bad about marking recipes to try then forgetting about them. One of my resolves for this year is to add 1 new recipe to the menu per week. And we do our menu plan before we go grocery shopping to make sure we buy what we need for that plan. Sometimes the new item might not be on the menu, as it might be baking, or breakfast etc and our menu is only for dinners (supper), but I still make sure it’s on some to do list for the week. Otherwise I’ll never get all those amazing recipes made. :D

    Good luck with your resolution to organize and budget things! Just remember to not make it too strict, it’s easier to follow if there’s a little flexibility :)

  • Brittney/Milmomma

    Mine’s not books as much as TV shows, or well life. Sometimes I just go with things and forget everything else. I understand. :)

  • Budgeting time – always so hard! But a great goal!

  • Your resolution sounds great. I don’t seem to make full resolutions, since I never follow them through, but I’ve been thinking I ought to. I chose a OLW this year- Growth- and I’ve now made the decision to start making short-term resolutions, seeing what happens, and going from there. For example, I want to wake up and have a healthy breakfast every day this week. Short term seems to work best for me.