Oh happy day!

Do you know what this is in my backyard?


It’s a trailer with a collapsed tower on it.

Not just any collapsed tower but a 75 foot collapsed tower.

And not just any 75 foot collapsed tower but *MY* 75 foot collapsed tower.

You remember my beloved blight on the landscape right?

The blight that brought me my internet?

The blight that those #(%)#&%s from my ISP snuck in and stole in the dark of the night after 6 weeks of trying, much to God’s displeasure?

wtower (2)

Ok, so it was 10am. But still. God *was* displeased. They had told me on Jan 20, 11 that my tower could be better used elsewhere and that they would be taking it and replacing it with a monopole (which doesn’t get as good a signal because it’s 25 feet shorter).

But then God intervened.

It snowed many inches the night before their first attempt

Their next attempt was brought low by 40MPH winds

The third try, weeks later, brought yet another occurrence of those 40MPH winds.

They finally succeeded in March, on the 4th try, and gave me an excuse to make a bunch of pole raising jokes to ease the pain of slower internet speeds.

And now, nearly a year later, they have brought my blight back to me!

Apparently it didn’t work out well where it had been.

Then it fell over.

FINALLY my ISP saw the omens & portents for what they were and have acted accordingly.


The tower is here in my yard.

But it’s on the trailer. It’s been on the trailer since Monday.

Much like their taking of the tower a year ago, the time line I have been given for it’s return is – “soon”

Possibly Saturday. Or you know, March, like last time.

They are withholding key equipment or I’d put the damn thing up myself.

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6 comments to Oh happy day!

  • WOW..that’s some expensive internet service for you! LOL (at least for the company with all that work to get it only to bring it back)!

    • Yeah, it took 2 guys to take it down & 3 to put it up in the new location, then, from what the tech guy said, several visits to that site to solve problems before it fell over, then two guys to pack it up and bring it to me. At some point 2-3 guys will be needed to set it back up. Something like 40 man hours so far.

  • WOA, holy wow, what the heck?! So are they going to install it again? Do you still have internet? How the heck do they expect you to be the one to install it. DO they expect you to be the one to install it??

    • I still have internet from the antenna on the monopole. It’ll stay in place until the tower is functioning. The tower is taller & the signal I get from it is much stronger & faster than the monopole. They claim they will send some guys out with the bucket truck & the receiver equipment Saturday, or maybe Wednesday, or possibly the end of the month. Since I have working internet setting the tower up is not a priority to them but they hope to be able to set it up ‘soon’.

  • I can totally see you, doing the MacGuyver thing and raising that pole yourself!

  • KimG

    LOL you crack me up! I’d totally be out there scoping how to put that puppy up too!