I had an idea

I was thinking of hosting a meme with linky. A couple or so years ago there was briefly a Scrapbook Saturday meme where people posted their latest layouts to their blog & then linked up at the hosts’ blog. The only obligation was that you visited & commented on the link of the person posting before you, but of course you could visit as many you want.

I’m thinking of reviving it. I know many of my readers are scrapbookers like me & I’m wondering if you all are interested. You don’t have to post a bunch of layouts, just the ones you like best, or all of them, or just one. It’s up to you. What do you think? Is Saturday a good day for you? Would some other day be better? (though the alliteration of Scrapbook Saturday has an appeal other name ideas are welcome)

In other news the ISP guys were here Friday.

I think they might read my blog.

They now have the tower 95% ready to be set up on the first non windy day which coincides with an opening in their install schedule.

We are about to enter February, possibly the windiest month of the year, though March gives it some stiff competition.

I’m starting to have my doubts about God wanting me to have the tower back, but I am clinging to my faith in it anyway.

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