4 weeks in

2012 has had its ups and downs so far.

One of the downs has us considering a new bank after 16 years at our current one.

But on the up side Mom seems to be doing ok. She is home now but is still short of breath from time to time & last I heard they were thinking she once again had fluid in her lungs & are apparently considering a pacemaker for a different problem.  Nothing is certain though. Could just be a chest cold, which is admittedly dangerous after heart surgery, but the treatment is easier.

I’m still working on my meal planning resolutions. I have about half the recipes I want to try written up on a list on a clipboard in the kitchen and I have made several of them


This is broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl, with the removed bread on the side for dipping. It’s from the Cooks Illustrated cookbook, though the bread bowls are my own doing. They are made from the peasant loaf recipe in Artisan’s Bread Book.

I also made roasted cauliflower, cupcakes, chocolate cake & chicken dumplings from the CI book.

None of which would have happened without the list on the clipboard.

Budgeting time still needs work. It always seems to be suddenly noon and then suddenly 4pm & I’m not sure what happened. I’m ta.king a layers class at Creative Passion and I have yet to manage to read lesson 1

Budgeting money was thwarted by the bank, which in the past 8 weeks has held DH’s check deposit for anywhere from 12 hours to 12 days with no coherent explanation about why the difference or why the hold. And it’s not the check issuing bank’s fault. They show the money leaving them within 12 hours of the deposit. Our bank is just holding on to the money for various time periods before letting us have it.

Budgeting stuff is better now that I have organized my scrapping, yarn & fabric stuff. I have yet to buy any craft supplies, apart from a couple fonts from Darcy, yet this year.

How is 2012 going for you so far?

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6 comments to 4 weeks in

  • 2012 is stressful already. I am determined to get it under control though because I can’t continue the entire year like this.

    I have a lot of new recipes I want to try as well, so hopefully I can get to that. For my menu planning- I sit down on a Sunday night (with the grocery ad) and plan my meals for the next two weeks. Then I do my grocery list at the same time, then get my coupons. It takes about an hour start to finish, but it’s worth having everything all figured out for the next two weeks. :)

  • Where can I find the bread recipe? I tried looking for Artisan’s Bread Book, but got nowhere. Help?

  • Wow- it sounds like you’re doing great! My craft space and supplies are almost all completely organized and purged of the unnecessary and unloved. The bathrooms are purged and reorganized (I can tell it’s worked because a week later things still look clean and organized in them). Got rid of a bunch of stuff (3 bags of coats; 4 bags of clothes; one keyboard) And the front hall way is well on its way to being reorganized.
    I’ve been pretty creative this month, too, and we keep working on figuring out how to parent our two very different kids.
    So, all in all, 2012 has been productive on the home front.

  • I ♥ the Artisan Bread book – it’s fabulous!!!! I don’t even like broccoli cheddar soup, but your presentation of it makes me want to love it LOL. Glad your mom is feeling somewhat better..and hope they can catch what the issue is quickly!

    (and wow, I’m honored :D )

  • That soup and bread looks delicious.