Update on my family

My mom came through the surgery fine. She was awake about 26 hours later, with no swelling, unlike last time when she blew up like a balloon & her lungs didn’t want to work. She has some slight issue with her kidneys but so far the doctors don’t seem to be too worried. They are supposed to move her from the Cardiac Care IUC to the regular Cardiac Care unit sometime today, or tomorrow depending on when a room becomes available.

I don’t know if it’s a small ward or a busy one but apparently space is at a premium.

My dad, who has diabetes, got blisters on his foot last week, unbeknownst to him because he has little feeling in his feet, & it got infected. Friday they gave him antibiotics but apparently they did no good. Monday, during Mom’s 8 hour surgery, he did a lot of pacing, causing his foot to swell up and the blisters to ooze. He went to the doctor first thing Tuesday morning & was promptly admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics.

Same hospital as Mom; he insisted or he wouldn’t go; and that is a different hospital than the one his doc works out of, causing various issues.

He had the antibiotics Tues & Weds, was taken off them Thurs & is supposed to have surgery at some point today on his foot. At the very least they are going to open up and drain the infection, possibly they may remove the remaining joint of the toe he had partially amputated a few years ago.

So it’s now a neck and neck race to see which parent gets released from the hospital first.

Dad insists they’ll be fine. He thinks he’ll be released Saturday & the earliest they’d let Mom out would be Monday.

Monday!!!! A WEEK after a double bypass & valve replacement!!! I mean I’m all for the whole ‘people heal better at home” thing but still…a WEEK after a double bypass & valve replacement!!! Seems more an ‘insurance doesn’t want to pay for it’ & not a medical decision thing. But who knows.

Dad is looking into getting a home nurse to come by. He had one after his back surgery & is going to call her specifically, hoping that if mom’s insurance won’t cover any of it maybe they can work something out between themselves.

They won’t ask for help, even if they need it. They are not the sort. Possibly, if Dad can’t drive for a week or so, they might see if one of their friends can do any driving that needs done.

My brother & I have decided we may need to stage an intervention & just show up. I also I think one of us – ok, my brother – might call their church & see if they can’t arrange for some meals & maybe some transportation as well.

My brother should do it because he is a much better Catholic than me.

It would be hard to be a worse Catholic than me, without actively being baptized into another faith.

I checked into airfare, just in case and OMG! last minute airfare over the holidays is OUTRAGEOUS! $800-$1200 round trip!, Unless I leave on Christmas Day, when it would only be $550. If I can put it off until Dec 30 it will only be $380 and I get a choice of layover times in Boston – anywhere from 45 minutes to 6 hours. And why do have to fly to Boston? The cheapest airport in my broadly defined ‘vicinity’ is National, just outside of DC. So I am flying north to Boston to then fly south to Florida, taking me a total of 10 hours of travel time, not including the 4 hour trip to the airport, including ‘get their early’ time.

3.5 more hours & I could drive myself and save at least $100 and no one has to pick me up past midnight at the airport.

I’d probably also be in a better mood since airports make me hostile, tense, anxious and generally unpleasant to be around.

I’m not sure how I’d feel after 18 hours driving a car by myself on I95. Possibly all of the above but I wouldn’t then also feel guilty about it, because I wouldn’t be inflicting myself on others.

Best case scenario is Dad can drive after his surgery, the insurance will pick up some of the bill for a visiting nurse to stop by daily for a couple of weeks & their church & friends can help out with food during that period, giving my brother & I a chance to sort out between us who is visiting when & for how long.

We’ll know better Monday I guess. I’m headed to Florida one way or the other, it’s just the travel times that are uncertain.

Prayers & positive thoughts for all of us are deeply appreciated.

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10 comments to Update on my family

  • Definitely sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. What a tough time for you (and your parents). Know that you won’t regret spending all the time with them that you can manage.

  • Mel

    Oh my word! OK, firstly, I’m pleased to hear that the surgery went well. But I’m sorry to hear about all the rest of it! I hope things come together for you all and you get the best-case scenario xx

  • Prayers and positive thoughts heading through cyber space! Hope things proceed in the best possible way!
    Alison xx

  • Prayers being lifted for both of your parents and smooth decision making for your brother and you. My dad went home a week after triple bypass, it wasn’t easy but he was in a much better frame of mind than he had been in the hospital. The doctor may take in to consideration what time of support she will have once home and should be aware of your dad’s situation.

    • They are considering sending her to a nursing home for a week depending on how my dad is doing & that might be the best choice if she is released before the 23rd, which is the earliest my brother or I can get there.
      Thanks for the prayers!

  • Amy

    Prayers and best thoughts are definitely being sent your way and the way of both your parents. Distance is so hard in these situations and I hope the best scenarios eventuate, and, if not, that you find a travel solution that puts you at ease.

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