The Great Cookie Extravaganza part 1, 2, & 3

(I seem to be doing lots of ‘parts’ lately)

Part 1 of the Great Cookie Extravaganza of 2011 began Monday morning with the mixing of a batch of chocolate sugar cookie dough

(I use Cook’s Illustrated’s recipe, it’s uber choclately due to blooming the cocoa in melted butter)


And then, after a chill in the fridge, the cutting out of shapes



The plan was to mix up a batch of vanilla sugar cookie dough & bake it while the chocolate ones baked & cooled

But then disaster happened


We ran out of vanilla.

I don’t make cookies much, that’s DH’s thing usually & he’s pretty good about telling me when he runs low on ingredients, but he failed to mention the lack of vanilla.

Regular sugar cookies were put off a day & instead we moved on to icing the chocolate ones




Thus ended part 1 of the Great Cookie Extravaganza

Part 2 began Tuesday morning when we mixed up the first of 3 batches of sugar cookie dough.

(I use the Joy of Cooking’s recipe)

The first batch became sugar covered.


The second batch was chilled & baked plain to be iced with friends Thursday.

The third batch was divided in half. One half remained plain. The other half was further divided & half dyed green & half red for spiral cookies. This dough was put in the fridge to wait until Wednesday

The red velvet & white chocolate cookies planned for Tuesday were put off for another day. Having baked 4 dozen cookies I was done baking for the day.

I was sweeping up colored sugar for hours.

But it was easier clean up than the hardened icing from Monday.

Wednesday we rolled the green & red dough together & made spiral cookies


Then we cut out the plain dough & baked them to add to the pile of cookies we will be icing with friends tomorrow.

As you can see from this photo, we had tacos for dinner.

Over 3 days I baked 9 dozen sugar cookies – 1.5 dozen chocolate iced ones, 1.5 dozen sugar coated ones, 2 dozen red & green ones and 4 dozen plain ones to be iced tomorrow.

I still have to make red velvet cookies, cocoa peppermint cookies, chocolate crack, and cocoa crinkles, though the cocoa crinkles might get dropped.

We host a New Year’s Eve party every year & the cookies are mostly for that & for the males nibbling.

I don’t really like sugar cookies. They are ok & the chocolate ones are quite tasty but the only thing I am making that I really enjoy eating are the cocoa peppermint cookies.

This is for the best really. I can’t go to the gym while the kids are out of school so the less tempting food I have around the better.

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4 comments to The Great Cookie Extravaganza part 1, 2, & 3

  • Mel

    Oh, yum! Christmas cookies is very much an American tradition but I definitely think it needs to be introduced over here (along with cookie exchanges!) Do they keep well? Do you just store them in a tin? Or do they freeze? Or do they not tend to last long enough for that to be a problem?!

    • The sugar cookies keep well. The chocolate ones get better with age. I keep them in an antique tin tiffin container that belonged to my inlaws. They used it for cookies as well. If the cookies are not rolled to thin they freeze well. The recipe I use for the vanilla cookies makes them very much like shortbread in texture but chewier if that make sense. They are great dipped in tea or coffee as an afternoon snack.

      • Mel

        Excellent, thanks Stacey :) I was concerned that if I tried a recipe or two then we’d have to eat 10 cookies a day each to enjoy them at their best – which, you know, wouldn’t necessarily be a problem ;)

  • This is the recipe I used I’ve been weighing my ingredients lately & can tell you that it’s 134g of granulated sugar, between 280 & 300g of flour, (you want it dry but still a solid mass) and 227g of butter. I can’t translate the teaspoons though.

    This recipe is also very good