The aftermath

How was your Christmas? Did you get what you were hoping for, or maybe a surprise?

I did well. I was given 3 geek tee shirts I wanted

Two Dr Who shirts


and a Firefly shirt

My brother & family sent me a gift card to Barnes & Noble and I promptly ordered the Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook with it. Can’t wait for it to get here so I can clean out the 5 years of magazines I own.

The boys each got a Lego set, a movie (Havoc was given a classic Loony Toons collection & Mayhem the latest Scooby Doo movie), a book (Havoc got one of the Wimpy Kid series & Mayhem a new Big Nate collection), a Wii came (Havoc a racing game & Mayhem Go Vacation), and a card game from Santa (Monoply for Havoc & SOrry for Mayhem) plus a Nerf blaster gun from my brother & a WVU shirt. We all got Wii Sports Resort as a family gift. Mayhem also received some Green Lantern action figures from Santa & some Hot Wheels from his brother. Havoc got The Lego Creations book from Santa and an RC car from his brother. Santa also handed out 2lb bags of candy – M&Ms for Havoc & Skittles for Mayhem.

DH was given series 3 & 4 of Babylon 5, a magnet wristband that holds screws & nuts & things securely and an electronic string tape measure that can get into odd corners. Plus a 2lb bag of dark M&Ms. My brother’s family sent him a Lowes gift card

I didn’t get any candy.

Probably just as well.

We still have gifts coming from my parents, but not until Mom gets home. Dad doesn’t know what gifts belong to who & Mom isn’t up for making a list right now.

Mom has had ups & down. Wednesday she was walking the halls & chatting with Dad & doing well. I spoke to her Thursday & she sounded terrible. She was having some sort of problem, I didn’t catch what, but they took her off all her meds to sort it out. I guess some were interacting badly with others. Saturday they removed a pint & half of fluid from her lungs. She sounded ok Sunday. They had her back up & walking. Tuesday they think they will move her to a Cardiac Care Rehab for awhile, until she is in better physical condition & at a point where she can do the exercises unsupervised.

Dad got out of the hospital last Wednesday & is doing well. He has some sort of pump on his foot that is helping with the circulation to encourage healing of his infection & the surgery. He has a nurse that comes every other day to do something with the pump. But he can walk & drive and is getting around fine. The nurse will also be visiting my mom when she gets home.

So it has blessedly worked out well for all of us. My brother & I are waiting to see what happens with Mom before we head down. It’s looking like we might not be needed.

We’ll still be going down, needed or not. But the sense of urgency is no longer there.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, they have done so much for us.

Best Christmas gift ever.

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