Off to a rousing start

Two, yes TWO layouts for day 1 of Journal Your Christmas

First I did the manifesto but the manifesto is one of those ‘done a bunch’ pages that I’d considered replacing with some other event. Still, it is the manifesto. Not quite a cover page but not really (for me) page 1 either, more of an internal title page. So I did it first


Then I also did a page about Elvin’s arrival yesterday morning.


He arrived accompanied by a Lego Star Wars advent calendar & a bag of 24 holiday books. The note that he came with clearly states some of them are books we already owned & Santa has given us the rest but the boys seem to think the books go back to the North Pole with Elvin on Christmas Eve. So I suppose I’ll have to find a place to hide 24 books for 11 months.

Oh for house with storage!

This is the basic format I am using with my pages this year – patterned background paper, then a solid (probably white) paper, a frame with the prompt number & title at the bottom & some scrapping in the center. This is probably about as complex & layered as I will get. Most pages will probably be more simplistic, except the advent calendar one. It’ll be like last year, crammed with 24 photos of each individual lego creation. Yesterday’s was some sort of ship or other. Nothing recognizable like Slave I or an Imperial Destroyer.

I’ll be posting photos of them in batches, once a week or so.

We read Aliens Love Panta Claus last night, one of the new ones Santa sent

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