New chickens

Random has mostly recovered from her attack 2 weeks ago. She’s lost an eye and most of her comb but she is healing well.


Random’s “good side”. You don’t want to see the other side. Not for a few more weeks anyway.

Now that she is better, we decided it was time to replace the missing chickens.

Our friend’s Max & Pixie raise chickens and currently have more than 30 hens plus 4 roosters. We decided to get 3 hens and Max talked us into taking the youngest of the roosters. They only need 2 roosters and the other two were destined for the freezer. I’m not too sure about it yet. Roosters can be aggressive and I don’t need to be dealing with chickens with attitude. But we decided to take one and see

This is Disco Stu the rooster


He is so named because if Dis doesn’t Go well he is going to be Stew.

Their chickens are Rhode Island Reds with a bit of Ameraucana thrown in


This is Patch, named for the white patch of feathers on her back


This is Baldy, named because she has a huge bald patch on her back from an excessive molt.

It’s even creepier looking than Random’s “bad side”. Be glad you can’t see it.


And this is The Other. She has no distinguishing characteristics.

Probably Baldy’s feathers will fill in leaving her indistinguishable from The Other, at which point Baldy’s name will change to One. So we’ll be able to say “Well, that’s One, or The Other.”

Should Patch lose those white feathers, or more probably have darker feathers grow in, obscuring the white, she and Baldy will become This and That so we’ll then have “This, That and The Other” hens

They are not quite old enough to lay eggs yet, but Max says they should start any time now. Disco Stu isn’t fully grown yet either. He keeps trying to crow but ends up gargling.

Come spring we’re thinking of getting 4 more hens as well. We’d planned for 8 originally but decided to go with 4 and see how it went, plus the guy (a coworker of DH’s) we were getting the hens from had had most of his stolen so he only had 4 to sell us. If he gets Wyandottes & Ameraucanas again we’ll get two of each, giving us a nice variety of chickens & hopefully some variety in egg color as well.

We moved the coop & fence over by the deck right in front of the house, making it easier for everyone to remember to check the food & water and open & shut the coop. Plus the smaller pen is taller & harder for them to fly out of and being in a heavy traffic area with sensor lights is less likely to attract hungry predators.

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