2011 Highlights

Martha influenced me in January. I made an approximation of what would happen if an apron and a hospital gown had a baby.

I also cleaned the pantry.

I painted chalkboard paint all over the insides of my cabinets in February.

I saw the sleep doc in April after 9 years of struggling with insomnia & after 8 months of work finally seem to be winning.

I have had caffeine 3 times since April

My brother in law had a heart attack & had to have faulty valve replaced in March.

In November, my mom had to have a sudden double bypass & valve replacement & while she was recovering from that my dad had to have an operation on his foot due to an infection that wasn’t healing & he lost part of a toe to it.

I was terrorized by lentils

And darkness.

And tower thieves

I finished the second longest cross stitch project ever.

Havoc dyed his hair pink at the start of summer.

I decided to redo the shelving in the bathroom. This required a mallet & a hacksaw.

I decided to replace the shower fixtures in the bathroom. This required a hacksaw, new pipes, a huge hole cut in the back wall & far more effort than the box led me to believe.

There was a 5.8 earthquake centered about 30 miles from me.

We put in new flooring in the back of the house – during a hurricane.

I had my eyebrows threaded.

We gained 4 chickens, lost 3 & then gained 4 more. There were lots of eggs from June until November.

My ASUS gamer laptop after 2 years of running hot finally overheated itself & fried it’s motherboard & processor.

A huge dent was made in the back of the mini van & months later the DVD player became possessed & had to be staked.

We went to Wheeling, to the Air & Space Museum, to the Smithsonian by train, to Florida, to Legoland & to Great Wolf Lodge

In statistical news I:

Read 129 new books (next year I am tracking unfinished books & rereads as well)

Liked 32 things on Facebook

Took over 4000 photos

Posted 231 blog posts

Created 80 scrapbook layouts

Crocheted 6 snowmen, 3 bracelets and 4 scarves.

And I gave myself almost 100 different manicures.

It’s been a good year overall.

Thank you all for joining me!

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