Vacation Prep

Yes, it is once again time for me to start organizing things for our annual trip to the grandparents’ in Florida.

Mostly I am trying to track down our house sitter, a college student with a busy social life, because I need him to come by a few days before we leave.

We have new livestock since last year and I want to explain the unintentionally free range chicken situation to him in person.

I hope he hasn’t become a vegetarian, or if he has that he is of the ovo vegetarian persuasion because he is going to get over two dozen eggs in the 9 days he is here. I suppose he could take them to his folk’s place or give them to friends.

College students appreciate free food right?

I found this awesome deal on hotel rooms, back in September, if you booked right then. Like 30% of the current room charge, which is always bumped up the closer you get to the holiday. So instead of paying $120 for the room when we show up that night, assuming a room is even available, I was able to book the room for $60. The only catch was I had to pay for it right then, which I suppose is to keep people from booking the rooms & then not arriving. I booked rooms for the the trip down and the trip back & paid for them.

They sent me an email confirming everything & it was all good.

Except now I cannot for the life of me remember *what* hotel I booked with and I can’t get into my old email to find out.

I’d check my bank account online but a few weeks after I made the reservations our bank switched from one system to another & a 7 day span of posted transactions vanished. Guess which 7 days?

Oh technology, you find so many ways to express your utter distain for me.

There are only about 10 hotels at the exit I think I chose so I have been going through them one at a time, calling and saying “Hi, yeah, I’m just calling to confirm you have my reservation for a room with two queen beds that isn’t near the elevator.” and so far they have all said “What reservation? Are you sure you made it?”

I’m starting to get a bit panicky about it, but I still have 3 hotels to go & there are many exits on I95 through South Carolina so I am sure I’ll find it eventually.

I also decided that the vacation would be a wonderful time to do “A Week in the Life”. Lots of fun stuff going on, the grandparents around to be in photos, lots of wonderful natural light in house chock full of windows, a trip to Legoland, holiday things, possibly sleeping in the car in truck stop parking lots coming & going, it’s perfect!


We’ll see how that goes.

I’m doing some prep work for it, going back over photos of our last few visits, seeing what sort of events reoccur, what type of photos I tend to take, as well as thinking about the plans we have & what sorts of things would be good to have featured every day, plus what sort of input I can expect from the males in terms of taking photos, answering questions or providing me with journaling.

Answer to the last  – probably as little as they can get away with, unless they can use my camera, then I will get about 500 badly exposed photos of people’s fingers, my folks’ cats & whatever they are watching on tv, which is what usually happens when I let them have the camera.

Still, it would certainly be representative.

Next week I get to fixate on packing lists, clothing & food. This year we are planning on taking healthy snacks & things with us to spare us spending lots of money on junk at gas stations down the length of the US.

We plan to do this every year and usually end up eating all the cheese sticks while wandering lost in Virginia, polish off the apples while searching for a working bathroom in North Carolina & ignore the rest of it in favor of Snicker’s bars & Cokes at the next fill up, but this year are going to stick with it. Really. We mean it this time.

Until my annual soft serve ice cream craving kicks in at the Florida state line anyway.

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3 comments to Vacation Prep

  • Oh this post made me smile! The plans we make – and break – about snacks, healthy eating, sensible spending… Im sure all families are the same!
    I hope you track down your hotel reservation, before you run up the extra hotel cost in phone bills!
    It sounds like a very long trip. Probably like us going to visit relatives in the north of Scotland or something… Not sure I would plan that for Christmas though – not with our recent winter weather record!
    Hope it all goes well, with your plans and that you have a good vacation!

  • Good-luck with the hotel reservation! Maybe they’ll kick out an auto-reminder soon? We’ve got to start thinking about Thanksgiving.

  • Oh dear. I really hope you track down your reservation soon. And I know it’s not funny, but it sounded so much like something that’d happen to me that I couldn’t help laughing. Sorry.