Possession is nine tenths of the law

When last we saw the demonically possessed DVD player, I had just stabbed it through the heart with a multi tool blade.

Sunday drive-196

Thus ending it’s torturous grinding noise.

But stabbing it didn’t cause it to release it’s fiendish hold on the two DVDs it ate before it’s diabolic nature became apparent.

We’d have to gut it to get those back & in order to gut the DVD player we had to gut the in dash stereo system.

We thought that included the dashboard panels as well because they appeared to all overlap. But once we had them mostly unscrewed it was obvious that actually only the front one needed to come off.

Nothing like adding an additional 30 minutes of unnecessary labor to bring joy to your project.


It actually was far far easier than we’d thought it would be.


The panel comes right off & the DVD player just slides out. It has two plugs on the back that are easy to disconnect.

So if & when we get around to replacing it, we know it will take about 10 minutes tops.

It does have to be replaced in some form or other.

In order to release the DVDs it was holding hostage DH pretty much had to disassemble it down to the base frame.


This is the only photo of the gutting that I have. It’s actually post-gutting. You can see the DVDs sitting there by the red clamp. I couldn’t take any photos of it gutted because I had to keep track of what ended up being 18 screws the size of rice grains as DH removed more and more of the thing to get the DVDs loose.

Along the way bits & pieces fell off of places they were precariously secured & things that no doubt need to be precisely lined up got unaligned and none of it was able to be reassembled.

The DVD player is no longer possessed. At least not internally. The 6 lights flash in constantly in groups of three, like it’s a disco dance floor.

But they do it quietly.

And none of us are prone to seizures.

The external AUX jacks don’t require any of the internal parts to work so we can still listen to the mp3 player through them.

One of those jacks is a video one. Theoretically this means I can hook up one of our portable DVD players to it and the video will play through the ceiling screen. But will the headsets work with it? (I think they require the remote)  Will they still work when I switch over to FM to use the secondary AUX jack? Will the secondary AUX jack work at the same time as the primary?

I’m seriously tempted to go buy a $30 player at Wal Mart to find out & then return it either here if it doesn’t, or at home if it does.

Probably I won’t though because it would involve going to Wal Mart on Black Friday & not even the possibly of 18 hours in a car with two kids and no DVD player is enough to make me do that.

Once I thought it would be, but it turns out my threshold for suffering is much higher (or lower depending on how you look at it) than I thought it was.

We head back home tomorrow, on one of the most heavily travelled weekends all year.

Apparently the house sitter has not seen Nefer at all this week (though she is certainly hiding in the house, he hears her nails clicking on the wood floor sometimes) & the other 3 cats hardly at all. But the chickens have been congregating on the porch in the sage plants every morning.

I wonder if that means we get pre seasoned eggs?

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