We had a blast!

The first thing the boys wanted to do was go to the Driving School. They had been talking about it for weeks. They really wanted to get their driver’s license.


They were both hoping for something with a bit more of a failure potential. They wanted to earn it. Basically they had their photo taken, saw a safety video & then were allowed out on a small scale town with stop signs, lights & a roundabout.

We don’t have roundabouts where we come from (though apparently the small town nearby is considering building to replace on intersection). The boys had no clue how to cope with a roundabout, but then neither did any of the other kids.

Mayhem, who watches far too much Top Gear on BBC America, also spent much of his time on the wrong side of the road.

Despite all these issues both boys ‘earned’ their license (aka Mom & Dad could pay $15.99 per child for a plastic card & lanyard)

They both went through it twice before it got crowded enough the wait was too long.

They also loved the wave rider


They also enjoyed the radio controlled monster trucks


And the build & test tracks


There were dinos scattered around


These guys were at the entrance


This one was directing crowds at the Coasterasaurus ride.

We also saw Darth Vader


We road on all the roller coasters. First time the boys have ever been on any 7 they loved them. Thanks to Dramamine, so did I. I love roller coaters, but for the past decade motion sickness has kept me off of them. Even rides that just shake you around a bit while watching something on a movie screen are too much. But since we all did well on these somewhat smaller than average coasters we are planning a family trip to Busch Gardens or King’s Dominion next summer to ride the big monster coasters.

We were there from 9:30am until 6pm. We also saw a water ski show about Brickbeard the Pirate and ate the most overpriced & badly cooked meal we have had in ages (the Ruby Tuesday’s the prior night was merely badly cooked). This surprised us because we’d heard good things about the Legoland food, at least the California one.

Overall we had a great time.

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2 comments to Legoland

  • Sounds just like Legoland in Windsor. Had to laugh at Mayhem driving on the ‘correct’ side of the road. Jeremy Clarkson would be proud.

  • We only made it to Legoland (San Diego) a few times when the kids were younger, but we always had a GREAT time. Not too crowded,fairly low key, and lots of fun stuff to do.