Getting things together


I’ve been rethinking my ‘eat healthy snacks & save money’ travel plan.

It’s a good plan. And I haven’t abandoned it. But it failed to take a few things into consideration.


We just aren’t wired to not eat junk on trips. Those two trips a year are our main junk eating times.

I get Doritos.

Cool Ranch for preference but Nacho Cheese is fine as well.

Pretty much the only chips I buy all year are tortilla chips & they get used in nachos, taco dip & guacamole. Oh, there is the random bag of kettle corn & once every 5-6 months I might get some malt vinegar potato chips, but mostly we only buy snack chips when we are having a party.

And I’m sort of looking forward to those Doritos, and maybe a Reese cup.

But buying them at random Gas & Gos gets pricy. Not to mention the portion sizes are kind of large. Snack sized bags seem to have disappeared in favor of 2.5 serving bags, that get eaten by one person in one sitting and cost twice as much as a snack size.

You can’t get anything less than a 20 ounce soda either, averaging about $1.50 a bottle

So I decided to accept the snack & soda portion of our trip & stock up at the grocery store. I got 8 12 ounce Sprites for $4. I also got a snack pack assortment bag – two kinds of Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos, some other kind of O’s and some Lay’s Potato Chips.

Plus apples, bananas, cheese sticks, oatmeal bars & juice.

Theoretically we shouldn’t need to buy any snacks on the trip down or back.

I say theoretically because DH is constitutionally incapable of fueling the car and NOT buying a candy bar. And if he gets a candy bar the boys in the back whine & wail about getting candy bars too and if everyone else is getting a candy bar, generally they get me one too.

“Family Size” for everyone because they ‘are more cost effective’.

So I need to go back to the store and get a bag of mini Reese cups.

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