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It’s 10 on the 10th time again & this month I am going with my current favorite computer games.

9 of the games I have purchased from a site called Big Fish Games. They sell downloadable versions of the CD games you can find in Target or Wal Mart on the $9.99 shelf with the boxed computer games. I have a membership, which is $6.99 a month. You get one game credit a month and lowers the regular $9.99 price of all games to $6.99, plus they email you lots of sale promotions. I generally pay $2.99-4.99 a game. You can try a game free for 60 minutes & they have reviews & help in the forums.

1. Return to Ravenhurst – hidden object, adventure & puzzle. You are exploring an old supposedly abandoned house, trying to learn about the mysterious disappearance of a woman nearly 100 years ago. It is a great mix of goals you have to accomplish, puzzles that need solved & lots of hidden object scenes. The graphics are wonderful & the plot is superb.

2.Agatha Christie, Peril at End House – hidden object. This is based on the book of the same name & is almost all straight hidden object with a puzzle at the end of every chapter

3. Snark Busters – fragmented hidden object. I’m not really a fan of fragmented hidden object games, where you have to find parts of objects to make something useable, but this one is fun & funny.

4. Redemption Cemetery Curse of the Raven – hidden object & adventure. You are trapped in a cemetery & in order to find your way out you need help from the spirits there. You gain their help by changing events in their pasts.

5. Season Match, Curse of the Witch Crow – match 3. The months have been captured by the Crow Witch & locked into tarot cards. You journey around the kingdom freeing them by playing match 3 boards. This is a really fun version of match 3, where you click on sets of 3 matching jewels and all the nearby matching jewels vanish as well.

6. Fishdom, Seasons Under the Sea – match 3. You earn points playing matching 3 boards & then you spend the points on items to fill & decorate your aquariums. There are 3 themes – Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas. Your aquarium can become a screen saver.

7. Dreams of Geisha – match 3. Obviously this one has a geisha theme. The game itself has a nice twist in that you can rotate the boards around 360 degrees.

8. Café Mahjongg – mahjongg. Really fun mahjongg game with a coffee them. You can play adventures with names like White Chocolate Latte and use coffee themed tiles, plus it is customizeable.

9. Fairway Solitaire – best solitaire game out there! A golf themed game,with 70 different courses you work your through, earning prize money that you spend to play new courses or buy power up clothing

My last & most favorite computer game is a significant commitment in time.

10. Civilization – a turn based strategy game. I’ve been playing this game since version 1 back in 1991. In fact we bought the game before we actually had a computer. We were planning on buying the computer in a couple days & were at the game store & Civ was on sale so we bought it first. They are now up to version 4. Basically it is a world building game, you create units, explore the world, build cities, build things in the cities, go to war or make alliances with other civilizations & generally try to have the happiest, wealthiest & most powerful civilization in the game. I find Civ 4 to be a little too complex & detail oriented. The game is already a huge time suck (“let me just do one more thing” can take an hour or more depending on the size of your civ. Before I had kids I lost whole weekends to this game)  & 4 wants to me get even more bogged down in minutia. My favorite version is Civ 3, which feels like the right mix of CI & user control.

What games do you like to play?

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14 comments to Games I play

  • Oh dear yes, computer games can be a huge “time suck”!! We are currently “into” Minecraft (that’s me and DS). It’s a kind-of copy of one of the old 1980’s games, where everything was based on blocks – which, indeed this game is. The difference is that the worlds in your games go on for ever. The graphics can obviously be so much more sophisticated than way back when… The game is basically world-building and mining for raw materials, with which to build the worlds. However, there’s an online component, where you can “meet” other players and join in with them. We haven’t tried that – we’re quite happy just pottering about. You can play in “Safe” mode, where there’s just you and some animals – chickens, sheep, pigs, cows, wolves (which you can “tame” by feeding them). Or you can have monsters, which appear and fight you – especially when you’re underground, or it’s dark. They now also have a kind-of free-play mode, where you can enter commands and “get” whatever you want, fly around (instead of walking or driving your mine cart railway), be pretty much invincible. It’s a kind-of basic game, with such a simple remit. Perhaps that’s why it’s such fun. But oh dear, doesn’t time vanish when we are playing?

    I don’t think I had better try any of your list… it all sounds so tempting, but y’know, I really do need to do some work!

    Great list – good idea!

  • Helena C

    The last one that totally grabbed me and sucked up whole evenings (til 3am) was RollerCoaster Tycoon – build your own themepark and rollercoaster rides. Nice level of detail and mix of things you need to keep an eye on

  • Hello! I hereby pledge to try out all of these games, lol, great synopses you have provided, how can I resist? Civilisation 4, hmm, the most amazing piece of music – Baba Yetu, I have sung acappella in 4 parts, just fab. But that’s all I really know about it, daren’t go there, or I might get sucked in…
    Great idea for a post.

  • great list of games!!!

  • Really interesting. I’m not a gamer, but I like the look of some of these (I’d love to learn mahjong).

  • I have to admit that I do play a couple games on Facebook. My favorite right now is Words with Friends, like scrabble and you can take your turn and play again tomorrow if you like. It works for me as I have so much to do with designing, advertising, blogging, etc. etc., not to mention family time.
    Some of these you’ve listed sound like tons of fun though!! TFS your list!

  • I have to admit, I am not really a gamer. I have The Crystal Maze app …its a puzzle type game based on the tv programme of the same name (dont know if u got it over there?). I dont play it much though as I seem to have very little patience for games. The boss on the other hand is forever playing them. He has Civilization Revolution on the PS3 and I have to say…”I’ll be ready in 5 minutes” usually becomes an hour. He can sometimes have 3 games on the go…Civ on the telly, Football Manager on the handheld and a puzzle on the iPod! At the moment, I am a Call of Duty mw3 widow. lol.

  • I lost hours of my life to the various Final Fantasy games years ago but managed to wean myself off them. Then I got sucked into The Sims and then Sims 2. After getting my life back from them I stuck to various platform games that aren’t quite so demanding. I liked Abe for a while and Rayman. Also that hospital one with Bloaty head and The Squits. Love that!
    Unfortunately a friend tempted me into The Sims Social on Facebook and I fear I may be getting addicted again. It’s a slippery slope. Sigh.

  • Kat

    Have been cutting down on my Facebook games and with the twins now I hardly get time to play (still trying The Sims, Pioneer Trail, Cafe World). I DO have 3 games I bought from Big Fish Games myself … Chocolatier 1, 2 & 3 (wonder if they have 4 now?? ;) ). Else there was an adventure game on BFG where you had to make spells etc. That was quite funny too, but I usually stick to the 60 mins versions only.