30 Days of Thanks

We are doing this as a group over at Sweet Shoppe Designs but every so often I’ll be doing a blog post about a day’s thanks or posting a week’s worth of thanks.

Eventually it will become a scrap page, or part of Project 365.


You know how I am about these things. Just getting typed up is often victory enough.

So for November 1 I was thankful, very very thankful, that my hard drive survived the implosion of my video card & motherboard.

Because I am lame & lazy & do not back up stuff as much as I ought to do, even though I know damn well just how much technology hates me.

My last EHD backup was only photos & was done in mid January. 

My last ‘my documents’ back up was in April.

I had to disconnect my backblaze backup in late Sept due to bandwidth issues.

I have never backed up my music,. Not ever.

Despite this rather large failing, I only lost my old emails, music playlists & some saved game data.

It could have been so very much worse than it is.

Now I have a new to me HP Pavilion. It’s a refurb, so I got a great deal on it. Which is awesome because I couldn’t afford a brand new one & would have been stuck on the ancient Dell until sometime in January or so.

I’m also grateful for DH calling around town & locating a SATA hard drive box so I can connect my old HD to the new laptop & copy my stuffses over.

I’m not so grateful for Windows 7, which is trying to ‘help’ me in annoying ways & has done away with my favorite bit of functionality – the sidebar app launcher.

We now how 4 different versions of Windows running in this house. One ancient Dell has Win 98, the other (with the broken E & N keys) has Win XP, DH has Vista and now I have Win 7.

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2 comments to 30 Days of Thanks

  • I also just started blogging gratitude this month, too!

  • Isn’t it confusing? I’ve got one desktop running XP, my laptop has Vista, and DH’s laptop runs Windows 7. I’m also running different browsers just to confuse myself even more.

    Note to self: must go and back stuff up. Glad most of your stuff survived though.