You’ll feel a pinch

I hate those words.

I know damn well that “pinch” will not even come close to what I am about to feel.

I’m 44 years old. I’ve been pinched and “pinched” a great many times in my life.

Enough to know no medical procedure feels like a pinch.

I always want to reach out and pinch whoever is saying them and ask “You mean like this?”

But I suppose saying “You will feel a stabbing sensation” or “You will feel a white hot pain.” is not the best way of handling it either.

And honestly? If you tell me to take 4 ibuprofen before coming in, you are pretty much admitting “pinch” does not being to cover what I will be feeling.

So spare me the lies, unless getting me all irritated is your plan for taking my mind off what I am about to feel.

I’m headed to the gynecologist today.

The insurance kinda sorta came through on the IUD. They will pay for most of a new one but they can’t say if they will pay to remove the old one until the request for payment has been submitted. Possibly payment for removal of it was made when it was inserted. They don’t know. They won’t know until the payment for the procedure has been submitted. 

How do they not know what they have already paid or if they will pay? Obviously, since they said they’d pay for 80% of an IUD, they know they will pay for some things before anyone submits a bill.  What is so special about an IUD removal that they can’t tell now? Do they think it will spark a run on early IUD removals if word gets out they cover them?

Because we all know “I read it on a blog somewhere.” is a powerfully persuasive argument when it comes to insurance companies.

I should not be surprised though because we just received both the hospital bill and the insurance statement for DH’s MRI a couple weeks ago.

You know, the one that we were told was ‘covered’, while the MRA was not?

Well, turns out apparently it wasn’t because both bill & statement say it was a ‘non-covered’ service & we owe $1700.

I figure I’ll call the insurance company about it later today when I am feeling really crampy & in a mood to shout a lot.

(and now not at all an unrelated segue)

DH & a couple of his buddies are leaving later today to go to a gun shoot down in Kentucky.  People bring all sorts of machine guns (new and old), like AK47s, M16s, mini guns, etc & I think flares & possibly a cannon & bazooka. Sometimes there are flame throwers! People can then rent the various machine guns, etc & fire them on the gun club ranges.

This is the guys’ second visit. They went about 8 years ago & spent way too much money firing an M60.

This is a rare chance to use a Class 3 firearm, because it’s challenging to get a license to own one yourself. And who doesn’t want to use a flame thrower? I mean c’mon! It throws FLAMES! How cool is that?

They have this field, with a huge hill for a backstop, where they set out junk car cars, old appliances, piles of tires, fuel drums & makeshift structures and you fire at them with the machine guns (or throw flame at them). Plus there are a number of shooting competitions for pistols & rifles on the other ranges.

Obviously I am a tad nervous about the boys in that sort of environment. Not that I think their security & safety is shoddy, just that I think my boys’ potential to be troublemaking demons is really high. Especially at this age.

So the three of us are staying home.

Which sort of bums me out because right now I am kind of in the mood to throw flame at something.

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7 comments to You’ll feel a pinch

  • Aww… no fair Stacey… The guys get the fun and excitement; you get…babysitting, bills and the gynae appointment. Hrrrmph!
    Hope it goes ok and with as little discomfort as possible…. XX

  • Hoping the Beast never hears of this activity in Kentucky lol I think the insurance company should be put on alert that you have great flame throwing abilities so that they will surrender right up front. Good luck with that and the IUD.

  • I always love it when they tell me I won’t have any bleeding or severe cramping when I get my colposcopy/cancer screening yet I do every single time. They say everything just short of calling me a liar when I ask about that.

  • OK if that wasn’t 3,000 miles away, I would totally be signing up to use a flame thrower and feel like I’m in the middle of some kind of awesome action movie!

  • Mel

    There have been moments this week when a flame thrower would have come in SO handy.

    Hope the appointment went OK and the insurance company surprises you with its amiability xx

  • Oh girl, I feel your pain. I absolutely hate the run around with insurance companies. With all my health issues the past 2 1/2 years I have had more bull#@*! to deal with than any one person should. I was supposed to have an MRI myself today but had to wind up cancelling it due to the fact that insurance was only going to pay half of it and apply the other half to our deductible. It really sucks when we can’t get the healthcare we need.
    Hope it went okay today! HUGS!

  • ugh…I hate dealing with insurance companies…and so not a fan of the “pinching” either… hope that the rest of the week was better