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Great Wolf Lodge-103

What I have been doing for the past 3 days

That is a ride called the Flowrider & it is at Great Wolf Lodge, a hotel & waterpark about 3 hours away. It is part of a chain here in the US and Canada. We go once a year & this was our 5th visit.

Unlike previous years, when the boys were smaller & needed or wanted us to go with them on waterslides, or weren’t even tall enough to go on some of them (like the Flowrider), this year both boys & the kids in the other family we always go with, were all tall enough to ride on everything and old enough to allow to roam the waterpark unsupervised. (only rule, DON’T LEAVE THE WATERPARK without a parent). We grab a couple tables & some chairs, drop our stuff there & that is home base for a few hours. Just hang out there if you need a parent; one of the 4 of us is almost always there & if not we will be soon.

The 4 kids ran all over the place with one another, occasionally getting us to go with them on some of the slides, but much less than before. This time they just wanted us to come; they didn’t NEED us to.

This gave the adults an unprecedented amount of freedom to do whatever the heck we wanted in the park & what I want to do was some flowriding.

I’ve been watching people, mostly males, do this for years & last year was the first time I got to try it. But we’d mistimed our visit to coincide with election day, which we had not realized half the state had off (we did not, our kids were missing school). So the park was packed & I really didn’t want to stand in a 20+ person line for a 5 second ride. (I had no idea what I was doing. 5 seconds was the longest I managed)

This year we made sure to pick a weekend with no days off nearby. (We arrive Sun & go home Tues). There were never more than 8 people in line for the flowrider, except for Monday night when a busload of teens arrived, for some reason or other, & hogged the flowrider ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

Just the boys though. The girls stood around at the bottom watching, giggling & twirling their hair. ::eyeroll::

But the rest of the time it was great. I must have gone a couple dozen times. Most of the time it was males, plus me & maybe 1-2 girls under 12, but a few times some grandmas & other older women did it as well.

Yeah, watch that teenage boys. We women over 40 kick ass!

And instead of giggling at you we’re going to tell you to pull your shorts up because no one wants to see your butt crack.

And we will laugh when you wipe out and the force of the water pulls your pants down around your knees.

Flowboarding is all about balance

First you have to leap off the top onto the hillside

Great Wolf Lodge-122

Then if you are lucky you coast up on to the bumper at the bottom and can reposition yourself better than you managed while leaping.

Then you use your feet to control the flow of water & let it carry you up and down the hill & if you are lucky you can get some side to side movement.

Great Wolf Lodge-106

Once you get a rhythm going  you can try the first tricky move – getting up on your knees

Great Wolf Lodge-144

Assuming you don’t wipe out once you are up there, you lift your hands, balance back a bit & use your core muscles to make the board drift back & forth across the water, plus control the water with your feet.

Lots to think about on the board.

I did manage to pull this move off on my last ride Tuesday but we’d already packed up the camera so no photos of me handless surfing.

Every other time this is what happened

Great Wolf Lodge-147

Great Wolf Lodge-148

Great Wolf Lodge-90

That was one of my more graceful wipe outs, sliding upright to the top.

Generally I was tumbled up to the top sputtering & chocking & once with one boob hanging out of my top.

Fortunately the only males over the age of 9 who saw anything were DH & the lifeguard, who quickly held the board in front of me until I got everything put back where in belonged.

Once you master the knees & no hands thing you move on to tricks like on one knee & one foot with one hand down, cutting big waves in the water, or laying on your stomach & rolling in a circle, or pushing the board out from under you, body surfing & then catching the board back under you.

One of the lifeguards did this one where he pushed the board away & then did a somersault & landed on the board.

It was awesome.

Can’t wait to go again next year!

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4 comments to Wordy Wednesday

  • Helena C

    wow that looks such fun – I love water parks

  • So fun! We have one of these at the water park near us. We used to go every year and it was so nice to relax all day and let the kids go off and do their own thing. Same rule as you – no leaving the park! It was close enough that we went about 3 times a week. Then we moved an hour away and I miss it soooo much!
    I never attempted the Boogey Bahn though (that is what ours is called). My kids used to do it and were pretty good at it. You are brave! I envy your sense of adventure!

  • Mel

    Wow, I’m suitably impressed! :)

  • Stacey,
    These are such great pictures! They really make me smile. Thanks for sharing them.