Update on that thing I can’t talk about

and other issues as well.

The boy who needed to see the specialist is doing well. We went back for a one month check last week and the doctor is really pleased with his progress. But it is a long battle, it’s going to be awhile before we can call this a win. They changed a few things we were doing because we need to be more aggressive in the treatment than initially planned but so far it’s going well. We go back in December & at that point we see where we are in regards to his progress and what type of therapy might be needed, if any. I like that ‘if any’ is an option now.

The boy is not the only one seeing a lot of doctors lately. DH has been busy seeing a cardiologist & a neurologist for various things. He’s had an MRI and will being going for a stress test this week and an MRA next week. The cardiologist is a preventive thing because he’s 45 and heart disease runs in his family. The neurologist is for some bad headaches & a persistent problem he’s been having with his right arm for over a year. The insurance didn’t want to pay for the MRA but after the MRI showed nothing the doc persuaded them it was needed.

I like to tell people DH had his head examined & they found nothing.


I too am going a couple rounds with the insurance company. My endo pain is back & I still have a year to go on the IUD before the 5 years are up. The doc wants me to have a new one & the insurance refuses to pay to have it removed early or talk about a new one for another year. This leaves me with surgical options including laparoscopy for endo removal or even a hysterectomy.

The insurance thinks I should get these much cheaper shots, every 3 months, that basically force me into temporary menopause, complete with all those wonderful symptoms. I think the person making this call needs to spend 6 months on this shot first & then we’ll talk again about my options.

I see no point in rushing into menopause, especially since it could be 7-10 years before it happens on it’s own.

10 years of shots every 3 months!

10 years of menopause!

The mind boggles.

Though I think after 6 months or so I’d be in such a mood that the insurance company would be backing down from their position once I got on the phone again.

Or if I showed up in their offices.

The doc has told them that isn’t an option in my situation, so it’s all back ‘in review’. As I recall from 4 years ago it was ‘in review’ 3 times before they finally agreed that a $400 IUD was a better idea than a $8,000 surgery, even if it was outside protocols.

Meanwhile I have some great pain killers, so things aren’t all bad

Also, I’m sleeping well & the sleeping well thing is making dealing with all the rest of this so very much easier than it would have been with insomnia.

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8 comments to Update on that thing I can’t talk about

  • SFD

    I’m glad to read that the thing you can’t talk about is getting addressed. I hope it continues to improve.

    I went through some stress test / cardio stuff a couple of years ago; turns out it was all physical manifestations of anxiety rather than heart problems. Hope that is the case for DH.

    And your insurance company? Baffles me. Move to Canada; it’s much easier.

  • I had dealing with insurance. It’s such a pain in the rear.

    I’m glad to hear that things are being addressed and that there has been some good news.

  • Mel

    Oh my word…. We often moan about the NHS in the UK, and it does have its failings, but it’s a pretty good system on the whole. I wish all the best with your insurance issues and the ongoing treatments and tests for you all xx

  • ptooie

    Good luck with everything, I’m glad to hear you have been sleeping better though!

  • So glad to hear that you feel the situation with your son is under control…hope all the other issues get sorted too
    Alison xx

  • I have nothing to add other than I hate insurance companies and am fairly certain they are in league with the devil. Pure evil.

  • Wow, that’s a lot on your plate. Good luck to all of you.