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New eyebrows.

Remember back in April when I had my eyebrows waxed?

The whole idea had been sparked by seeing a threading place in the mall, but not having the time, then a week or so later I went to get my hair trimmed & the stylist asked if I wanted my brows waxed as well & no one had ever asked me such a thing before so I took it as a sign & I did it.

And it was painful.

But Vanity liked the results.

I said at the time that next time I had my brows done I might try threading for a compare & contrast type thing.

Well, Sunday was the day!

I was in the big-ish city once again, to pick up the missing Hallmark ornament & get some pricing on framing the second longest cross stitch project ever & I decided I’d swing by the mall to get a salted caramel mocha latte & if the threading place wasn’t busy I’d get my brows done.

It wasn’t busy so I had immediate attention & the whole thing took less than 5 minutes.

Here is the thing about hair removal: there are several options. You can cut it off with a razor, you can dissolve the hair with chemicals, you can zap the hair with electricity and you can yank the hair out. I cannot afford electrolysis, am not about to put chemicals on my face & attempts to use a razor, even those cute contoured ones especially made for eyebrows, always end badly.

That leaves yanking the hair out & again there are a few options there. You can pull the hair out one by one with tweezers; you can pour hot wax or other hot sticky substance over them and yank them out in clumps; or you can have someone use sewing thread to yank them out in smaller groups.

The main thing is, no matter which method you use, your facial hair is still being yanked out at the root & it hurts the same amount for every option. All that changes, in my experience, is the amount of time it takes and skin irritation.

Plucking with tweezers cuts way down on skin irritation because I am doing one hair at a time. It also takes the longest & IMO that makes it perceptively hurt the most.

Waxing/sugaring was the quickest for me because it rips out large clumps but also irritates the skin & takes off some of it as well, leaving me with red, sore skin around my brows for a couple hours.

Threading though, combined a very small amount of skin irritation with larger hair surface removal. Not as much as waxing but much much faster than tweezers.

It’s not painless. See ‘yanking hair out by the roots’. But it’s speedy enough it’s certainly bearable.

Once again though I was surprised by a question.

This time it was “Do you want your upper lip done?”

Well, my knee jerk reaction was “Of course not! I’m Irish & German, fair skinned races not known for their female mustaches.” but then I remembered that for the last year now, give or take, I had been thinking that the lighting in the bathroom was casting a darkish shadow on my upper lip. No doubt due to switching from incandescent to compact fluorescent bulbs. Certainly not due to a sudden mustache appearance.

Or ok maybe, you know, hormones…endo, perimenopause, etc.

So I said “OK”

Holy shit that hurt!

It hurt like a tattoo hurts. The eyebrows got nothin’ on the upper lip for sensitivity. 

I’m seriously reconsidering getting that new tattoo I want for my next birthday now that I have had a pain refresher.

Jeebus. I’ll keep the damn mustache from here on out.

But I will be going back for the eyebrows.

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8 comments to Thread

  • OWWWWWW!! I have always been thankful that the small amount of Native American in me has blessed me with a minimally hairy body, I don’t even have arm hair! At least with the tattoo you know it’s one and done and it’s something you’ll enjoy.

  • I’ve done the waxing and plucking eyebrows and upper lip, haven’t tried threading. No matter, you’re right, they all hurt. I’ve also had a tattoo (twice), stings more than hurts, then itches like mad for a week or so, but then it’s done.

  • I wax my lip and eyebrows(actually, I have my esthetician wax my lip and eyebrows). The pain gets a lot less over time and there really is less hair each time.

  • I get my eyebrows threaded – life’s just too short for messing about with anything else. The upper lip settles for tweezers, since there are less to remove – plus I had it waxed once and it took about 2 days to get full feeling back.
    Maybe it is just your bathroom light – remember the more treatments you have, the more you pay and that is probably why you were asked.

  • Mel

    I’ve never tried threading – my hairdresser waxes my brows and it’s easy to fit in an appointment whenever I have my hair done.

    I like easy.

    No-one’s getting near my upper lip!

  • Stopping by WITH A CUP OF TEA, and got pleasantly tangled up in your blog.
    Eyebrows….Oh God mine are a mess! They used to be so full and pretty, then they simply stopped growing. It is quickly becoming a nightmare. This age thing is unfair. Seriously!

    I have threaded, but find waxing to be the prettiest outcome. Of course this totally depends upon your professional´s skills. I will keep looking for a better threader.

    Now I am off to explore your digi scrapping posts. I really want to do this:)

    Love your site and linked up via SU and Networked Blogs.


  • The result is great – but I’m not sure about whether it’s worth the pain…. I used to tweeze out the extra eyebrow hairs; until, that is, I had a salon eyebrow treatment, the day before my wedding. Ouch was not the word… she didn’t pluck them, she ripped them out… much bleeding, much soreness… much covering with make-up (on my wedding day!!!!). I kind-of went off the whole eyebrow thing… I still whisk out the odd untidy one (and recently the occasional white one !!), but otherwise, I tend to let them do their own thing. Not quite Frida Kahlo, so I’m ok with them as they are… I like the Beetly-Browed look!
    As for the mouse-tache…. I have a cute little thingy that’s like a buffer. It is quite gentle (unless you scrub yourself with it, in which case, it’s your own fault) and it buffs off the hairs and leaves it all smooth. Sure, they come back, but it takes a while.
    ‘Course, DS is going to need razors soon – he has a tiny Mo developing… But I don’t think he’d appreciate wax or threads…
    Love the New Look Eyebrows, Stacey – very cute!

  • Oh dear, that brought back a painful memory. I was in our local shopping centre and saw this small stand that did eyebrow threading. There was no-one waiting, it was cheap, my eye-brows needed serious attention and I was curious. I gave it a go. It actually didn’t hurt that much so when the nice woman casually asked did I want my upper lip doing too, as they had a special on, I only hesitated for a moment.
    Big, big mistake. It really does hurt. It was only the thought of looking lopsided that prevented me from stopping her halfway. That and my pride.
    Yeah, mustaches are seriously underated *grin*

    Salted caramel Mochas are delicious and they don’t do them in the UK. Which is very annoying.