No scissors needed.


Recently I did something for the first time since 1985.

I bought a white blouse


Thanks to the joys of Catholic schooling I wore a white blouse every day of my life from 1972 until 1985.

You know, apart from summer & weekends.

And holidays.

But still…that is a lot of white blouse wearing.

Possibly even a lifetime’s worth.

Or at least a good 25 years worth.

It’s been 26 years now and I have been thinking it’s time to try blouses again.

Blouses are versatile. You can wear them alone, under sweaters or over other tops. You can dress them up or down.

I like that in a wardrobe item.

But there are new and different non-school angst related problems to blouses.

First and foremost being – blouses need ironing & my mom is not here to iron them.

That’s nothing a damp washcloth & 10 minutes in a dryer can’t solve, but it’s still extra effort that tee shirts do not require.

Mostly though it’s an issue of tailoring. It does not matter if it is a $10 blouse from Wal Mart or a $40 blouse from Ann Taylor, blouses do not ever fit me properly.

I am a size large bust and a size medium waist. This is not really a problem with tee shirts, especially now that some shirt makers have discovered women HAVE breasts and cut their shirts to accommodate them.

Plus shirts are stretchy. Blouses are not.

A medium sized blouse on me has big gaps across the breast area & the buttons are in danger of popping, but a large sized blouse bags at the waist, so I have to take it in.


Taking in blouses is one of those things that there are people for but that I know I can do so I won’t pay people to do it, but then I am lazy so probably I won’t do it either, so the blouse stays on the rack in the store due to the rack on me.

But I decided it was time to suck it up and deal.

There was a sale & I had a coupon.

I am now in possession of 5, yes 5, blouses in white & other colors. They are all by the same maker & are all the same cut & style, apart from sleeve length. They all came pre-darted, if that makes sense. They all came with seams taking in the back, the front and on the sides of the boob area to give the blouse a closer fitting, feminine, silhouette.

Not close enough for me, but I can work with it.

I pinned up the side & back seams of one shirt & risked multiple puncture wounds to try it on several times until I got it right. Then I transferred those measurements to every other blouse and did a bulk stitching of all of them, followed buy a bulk ironing.

Sure they were all stitched with yellow thread & not one of them is a yellow blouse but there are limits to my efforts & changing the thread & winding a new bobbin are just too much on top of all the pinning & ironing I had to do.

But I do now have 5 blouses that fit.

And I didn’t have to touch my nemesis – the scissors.

Now I just need to remember to wear them.

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7 comments to No scissors needed.

  • Mel

    Hooray for scissorless alterations! :)

    Not hooray for ironing – I make sure to always wear my blouses UNDER something so the creases don’t show ;)

  • I feel your pain on the blouses, buttons & boobs issue. Glad you found a way to deal with it! I don’t sew, so generally avoid blouses. Luckily, I found several blouses without buttons that work for me right now.

  • I’m way impressed! I was never able to effectively tailor a shirt when I was still sewing – it just wasn’t my strong suit. But I can put a mean zipper in!

    So..when are you gonna pull out the knee socks and plaid skirt?

    • I can’t put in a zipper.

      Actually my school had solid grey skirts. With the white blouses we looked like escapees from a women’s prison. :)

  • wow..I don’t think I have ever tailored a shirt or anything other than pants length for my dd…I am way impressed!!! I feel your pain though, congrats on having some nice shirts in your wardrobe..they are definately great essentials!

  • I’m impressed with the alterations. I can barely sew a button on.

    I spent my school years in a bottle green skirt and blazer with a white blouse. We also had bottle green gym clothing, a bottle green dance tabard and even bottle green knickers. I kid you not. When I left school, I swore I’d never wear green again and I stuck to that until just a few years ago. Even now I only wear browny-greens. Never anything vaguely bottle-like.