Little craft project

I am on Pinterest. I have a board of crochet goodness there for things I want to make or tutorials I want to check out.

This weekend I was looking for a quick little project  & decided on this broomstick lace bracelet from cult of crochet

Her directions are for lefties so I had to google right handed directions but it is a really straightforward, if somewhat awkward process.

All I needed was some yarn, a small crochet hook & a fat crochet hook or fat knitting needle.

Ok, fine. I have LOTS of yarn & an endless assortment of hooks. I even have a fat double ended Tunisian crochet hook, so I am good to go.

Except I could not find that fat hook anywhere. I don’t keep it with the rest of my hooks because it is more than twice as long & doesn’t fit in the case. I looked all over the sewing/junk room for it & couldn’t find it.

Ok, so lets get creative here. What I am essentially looking for is something fat, round & smooth to put loops of yarn on. An actual broomstick would work, if it wasn’t way too long to be held comfortably.

the first thing that came to mind was the plastic Q snap framing I use for cross stitch


But I had put no skid tape on them to keep the fabric tight & I need the yard to slide easily.

Well, how about pvc pipe? god knows we have a bunch of it in odd lengths around here.


Yeah,ok, but it’s thicker than I want.

Don’t we have any wooden dowels? I seem to recall DH needing wooden dowels for some project or other at some point.

Ah ha!


But the end is all wrong


It needs to be pointy.

DH suggested whittling & gave me a razor knife


I have whittled before. It’s a story that begins “This one time at Girl Scout camp…” and ends with 6 stitches in my leg.

This time I managed not to cut myself but it was a near thing.


DH put the dowel in his drill and I sanded it smooth while it spun



I took it back to the house, set it down while I got the kids lunch and …misplaced it.

I looked all over the kitchen, the living room, the junk room & the bathroom, even though I hadn’t even been in the bathroom, things just seem to end up there for some reason.

But no. The pointy dowel was gone.

So I had to whittle a new one with another piece of dowel.

Naturally within 5 minutes of sanding the new dowel, the old one turned up on a shelf in the kitchen. So now I have 2


I sat down with some yarn and got to work


It really was easy & awkward at the same time. Crocheting part of a piece while the rest of it is handing from a piece of wood is tricky. I kept thinking I would get used to it & find a graceful way of holding everything but I never did.

Still, I did manage to complete the bracelet.



I’m thinking I may make some more as holiday gifts.

This was made with a variegated wool blend but I may get some bamboo for the gifts.

I do like how it turned out though.

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