It’s dead Jim

My laptop has given up the ghost. It’s been running hot for…well, pretty much it always has & finally it got so hot it fried itself.

It seems my ASUS gamer laptop, with the kick ass video card & super fast processor also had an inadequate cooling system.

It’s a feature of that model. Lucky me.

Eventually the video card & the processor together got so hot they not only fried themselves beyond repair, they took the motherboard with them by melting the soldering.

Upside – the HD survived intact. All my stuff is still there.

I just can’t access it because apparently Windows is self protecting & locks the drive up somehow. The repair place was able to see it using LINUX though so I know the stuff survived.

The repair place tried to sell me a couple different new computers, which including the ‘unlocking’ of the HD & a case to make it an EHD would cost either $1000 (15″ monitor) or $1400 (17″ monitor).

These prices are impossible so I am currently typing on the boys’ 4th hand Dell Inspiron from 2003, which has an N key that sticks 70% of the time and no E key at all. Plus it won’t recognize a mouse so I have to use a touch pad & I can’t work with a touch pad, and Lightroom & PSPX3 won’t work on it. Ad I have no bookmarks so I can’t surf the web easily. And don’t get me started on receipts for downloaded software which might be in emails I can’t access & didn’t back up,.

So I am screwed for now.

I’m pricing replacements & found a refurb that might work, but I don’t know when/if we might be able to order it.

If I am silent for a bit, you know why.

Oh and just to add insult to injury the wireless router stopped working yesterday and our home phone line has a horrible buzzing on it. The phone co say they will be here NEXT WEEK to fix it.

Technology  Рstill hating on me after all these years

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