A foreshadowing

of why there will not be a holiday photo card again this year.

But first, some background!

This weekend, while DH & his buds were down at the Machine Gun Shoot, I took the demons to the harvest festival at a local farm & orchard.

The boys spent a few hours playing on the haybale playground, running around the hay maze, checking out the pumpkin patch & splashing in the river. We also went on a hay ride. After all that I suggested we go over to the orchard area & check out the old time tractors, trucks & fire trucks. I was thinking it would be a nice opportunity to get some photos of the boys together.

Havoc was all for it but Mayhem just wanted to go home, via McDonalds. This is because the harvest festival only takes cash and does not have a working ATM within 10 miles. They will cash checks, but I haven’t written a check since 2004 or so & don’t even know if I own a checkbook that corresponds to any existing checking account. I knew all this but failed to remember it while in town Friday so I showed up at the festival with $29 in cash, $16 of which immediately went to the playground, maze & hay ride and another $6 was earmarked for fresh pressed cider, plus $4 for a apple fritter funnel cake, leaving $3 for all of us to have lunch. Mayhem had suggested McDonald’s “because they take credit cards” early on in the program. Also, McD’s is pretty much the only restaurant besides a diner & a Subway in our tiny town and nobody was in the mood for lunchmeat.

Mayhem followed us, complaining every step of the way. I assumed my vehicle loving youngest would perk up at the sight of ancient, rusty, decrepit fire trucks. But no.


So I resorted to that age old parenting tactic – threats!

No McDonalds if you don’t smile for the camera!

Havoc took the threat seriously & decided to intervene


Can both of you just sit down, put your arms around each other & smile?

oh heck no



No McDonald’s AND no cookies when we get home!



I am so sticking with inanimate objects for the holiday photo again this year.

Not that they are any better.

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