10 on the 10th

On the 10th of the month a bunch of us from Shimelle’s Blogging for Scrapbookers class do posts on 10 things.

My 10 things this month are 10 websites I usually visit daily.

1. Facebook – I visit Facebook several times a day, posting and reading.

2. Yahoo news & comics – my newspaper replacement

3. Sweet Shoppe Designs – my digi scrapping home

4. Google Reader – I subscribe to 196 blogs.  A good many are online magazine type sites like Blissfully Domestic, Curvy Girl Guide, Serious Eats & unfortunately, Food on HuffingtonPost, which took over Slashfood about 6 months ago (they can’t seem to format posts to make things like apostrophe’s appear correctly instead of as euro symbols & ampersands & I find that incredibly irritating. Not to mention some of the posts in Food have nothing to do with food, but I stick with it for the half a dozen writers I enjoy). I don’t read all of them every day but I try to get to all of them a couple times a week. I generally read personal blogs every day, though my commenting might be a couple days out depending on my schedule.

5. Library Thing – I add books to my library and chat in the forums regularly

6. TeeFury – Home of the $10 geeky tee. I visit every day to see what the latest shirt is. Shirts are only available for 24 hours & I’ve missed some great designs by not checking regularly so now I make a point of it every morning. Yesterday’s was Java the Hutt, which I ended up purchasing. I get about 1 shirt every 6-8 weeks, either for myself, DH or the boys. They don’t do children’s sizes but a men’s small is just slightly too big for them & they wear it anyway.

7. Pinterest- I make sure to get my daily dose of eye candy & inspiration every evening, plus pinning things I find around the web all day long.

8. Ravelry – This is a knit & crochet site where I keep track of my crochet projects, find patterns for new projects, look at what other people are up to and lurk on the forums

9. Blog Frog – A social networking community for bloggers. You can create your own Blog Frog community and/or join others. It’s an easy way for bloggers to have a discussion forum without having to deal with hosting. I belong to a half dozen or so for larger blogs that I read, like SITS & the Lady Bloggers Society.

10. Craftster –a crafting community. Mostly I lurk on the crochet boards, but I find it a useful source of information for cross stitch, cooking, jewelry making & things like making bath salts & other gift type things.

These are more or less in order of how I visit them. The top 6 I hit every day (though I may not read every post in my reader) & generally I do manage to get to Pinterest most days as well. The other 3 are slightly more sporadic.

How about you? What are your must visit sites?

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8 comments to 10 on the 10th

  • Gmail, Yahoo, Google Reader, SSD, FB, WeUseCoupons, Twitter (following Alton Brown lol), a Good Eats fan page I’ve been on forever, Pinterest about 5 days a week, and then a host of homeschooling boards, cooking boards, that I usually breeze through to check out info.

  • Hey, Stacey! This is a really good list. I especially appreciate the crochet site references because I am also a crocheter (though not consistently, I’ve crocheted since grade school. I’ll definitely check out the sites you like that I haven’t seen yet. Thanks!

  • Em

    ooh – i’m addicted to many of these! I must go check out Library Thing, I haven’t heard of that before!

  • I check email then usually go straight to FB then Google Reader. By the the time I finish that I usually am shocked at the time @@ I try to get to Pinterest 3-5 days a week but that can reel me in for way too much time. Sometimes I just start jumping from link to link and find the best stuff.

  • Google Reader and FB are my first stops in the morning, once I’ve checked/answered emails. Always accompanied by a cup of Redbush tea. Great idea for a 10 on the 10th list. It was my first time joining in last month and I didn’t get around everyone to comment. Hoping to remedy that this month!

  • I visit Sweet Shoppe, Scrap Orchard, Pinterest (just got hooked) and Twitter daily. I check my creative team forums about every other day. I also read a few blogs but, only check them once or twice a week.

    I am going to check out Tee Fury and Blog Frog. Thanks for the links!

  • Mel

    Uh oh – I might have to check out the Tee Fury site…. You enabler, you! *sigh!*

  • took me a minute to think about them…I don’t think I have just thought about them before..ahha
    my blog, sweet shoppe, pinterest, you tube, facebook, my work website, pivot point online, sometimes a couple of blogs.

    great question!