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This week’s old photo is brought to you courtesy of Lori over at In Pursuit of It All (if you are not reading Lori, you ought to be). She blogged yesterday that she was a victim of the tragic Children’s Shag Haircut Epidemic of 1973.

And so was I!

It put me in mind of a great photo to use for today’s post. But sadly I cannot find that photo even though I know I have scanned it, because I have scrapped it.

So I was going to just post the layout.

But sadly I cannot find it either.

Maybe I dreamed the whole thing.

I went looking for another photo displaying the haircut but could not find any individual photos of me with that haircut. Meaning all photos of me from 1973 through 1978 have somehow vanished from my hard drive

What I came up with eventually was this vivid display of both tragic 1973 haircuts and tragic 1973 clothing styles.

I’d love to say we all look so squinty & miserable because we were prescient children who knew full well how horribly badly history would judge our appearance & IT WAS NOT OUR FAULT! OUR PARENTS DRESSED US! WE HAD NO SAY!!!

But actually it was because we were all looking right into the sun and were sweating buckets in our polyester outfits.

I’m in the front row, third from the left in the orange & blue plaid dress. The only thing keeping me, the girl in the center and the girl with the white collar & cuffs in the back row, from looking like boys are those dresses. Put us in some plaid pants and a shirt & no one would ever know we were female.

My favorite of all of us though is the girl in the braids, who I think was named Heather. She looks so pissed.

And I would too if I had to wear that long granny skirted polyester jumper with a turtleneck on what I do remember was a HOT day. And we’d been standing around out in the sun for a bit, waiting our turn, then we sat for a bit while we were rearranged a few times by height and then they took like a dozen photos hoping to get most of us looking at the camera. I remember being hot & miserable and I may actually have been wearing cotton.

Though I think cotton clothing was prohibited by law from 1971-1977

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3 comments to Wordy Wednesday

  • Hilarious! Just the phrase “orange and blue plaid dress” should be enough for someone to call child protective services. . .

  • Yeah I have similar class photos. In my “favorite” I sport red plaid bell bottoms and an orange and purple striped shirt. Was my mother blind? I guess she figured it wasn’t worth the fight but damn.