Words on Wednesday


We have free range chickens!

Not deliberately.

We did not set out to free range them.

They escaped.

We seem to attract animals that are reincarnated WWII airmen.

Or something.

Possibly we are inadequate at caging things.

I don’t rule out anything

We built them a nice fenced in area.


But they don’t stay in it


Ha! I poop on your fencing.

We assume they get a running start and fly over the fence, though I’m not ruling out a tunnel dug under the coop.

We keep them fenced for two main reasons.

1. It’s easier to find the eggs

2. Dogs roam the area.

Our dog, Houndini, is not a problem


That’s her, in the background, mildly interested in the chickens. But it’s a protective interest, not an “Is that food?” interest. Possibly any early tendency to view the chickens as food was pecked out of her when the first one escaped. Now she just sort of follows them around and when they settle in an area to scratch, she lays down nearby. When they decide to move, she moves.

Unless they all move in different directions.

Then she just stays put.

So far we haven’t had any issues with other dogs, but I am not certain we have had many other dogs around in the last 4-6 weeks.

This could be due to the aforementioned pecking.


Now that they are free range chickens I can raise the price of a dozen eggs from $2 to $2.50.

Possibly they are even organic since we don’t spray fertilizer on the yard or fruit trees.

Chickens love windfall pears.

Who knew?

Generally I find them in the vicinity of a pear tree.

I think that might be why they are escaping.

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