Words on Wednesday


This? Is the world’s second most longest cross stitch project ever.

Finished at last.

I began this relatively straightforward project on Oct 26, 2007 and finally finished all the backstitching on Sept 10, 2011.

I did have to restart it about 100 stitches in because I’d begun on the smaller 22 count cloth & my eyes simply were not up to the tiny holes & had to begin again on the larger 14 count cloth. If I had stuck with the 22 all those holes in the photo would not be visible.

It was frequently set aside in favor of shorter & quicker crochet projects, and for digital scrapbooking and most often for reading.

Everything gets set aside for reading.

Reading never gets set aside for anything.

Except maybe making dinner.

But even then, I have been known to linger too long over a book & call DH at the last minute wondering if he can pick up some fast food for some spurious reason or other. He’s never actually asked “and what are you reading?” but I think he suspects.

Now I just need to get it framed. Unfortunately it is 1 inch bigger on one side than the smaller framing size price, which almost doubles the framing cost. Given the unexpected new flooring, the stove repair & oh yeah the new power steering pump for DH’s truck, it will be awhile before I can frame it.

You might be wondering what is the world’s longest cross stitch project ever.

That would be this one


I began it April 3, 2002 and am still only a third of the way or so finished.

I’ve more or less given up on it. It’s 20 count cloth & has constant color changes & gives me a headache.

So I ordered something a bit smaller & easier

It’s half the size of the second most longest cross stitch project, so it should only take me a couple years.

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6 comments to Words on Wednesday

  • Well done on getting it finished…it’s beautiful! I haven’t cross-stitched for years, but that has got me thinking about it again!
    Alison xx

  • II really like the new project. I have a couple of almost finished cross stitch projects. I should pull them out of the storage area sometime.

  • SFD

    1. Take photo
    2. Apply texture in Photoshop
    3. Frame

  • Well done on completing it – lovely too – shame about the framing costs though!
    I think I can break your record for unfinished cross-stitching though … I started a lovely alphabet sampler while I was in labour with No.1 Son and did some more during the time before I returned to work, but haven’t touched it since! He’s 21 now and I’m wondering if the (as yet non-existent) prospect of grandchildren will motivate me to finish it!

  • Love the cross stitch and well done on finishing it. You’re quite right about the reading though. Nothing should get in the way of that :)

  • Wow! That looks amazing! Stopping by from Lady Bloggers tea party!