The stove


Once again my stove has made me feel inadequate.

Not from a cooking standpoint. I’m a good cook & once I master baking on the gas grill I’ll feel there is nothing I can’t cook.

No, it’s the repair part of the stove that defeats me & leaves me feeling rather pathetic.

That is one of the reasons I am so delighted I know how to replace the baking element.

Take that stove! You can’t get the best of me! I’m not going to pay someone $70 plus parts to do a simple 5 minute task.

But when faced with this


I threw in the towel and called for help.

But not before poking around on the internet to see if perhaps it was something simple.

The wiring schematics that I found looked like they belonged to the Mars rover (possibly due to the fact that I don’t know how to read wiring schematics) & nowhere on them was there anything I could identify as “that wire that comes out of the back of the stove & clips to the baking element”.


I should have taken the back off the stove and seen the situation for myself before calling for help.

This would have delayed the call by 24 hours because I cannot move the stove by myself & would have had to wait until DH came home from work, after the repair places closes, but had I done so I would have discovered I am only looking for an 8 inch long piece of wire with a specific connector on one end and a screw hole on the other.

And I once I knew what I was looking for I found it at the same place I ordered the baking element (after the fact naturally)

But no. Frightened by the possibly extensive wiring damage & influenced by a 2 year long desire for a new stove, I called for help.

Two guys arrived at 10:20, pulled out & unplugged the stove. Two guys left at 10:35 having removed the back of the stove, removed the faulty wire, replaced the faulty wire, replaced the back of the stove & pushed it back in place.

It took longer for one guy to *FIND* the wire in the truck than the actual work on the stove.

I looked at that piece of replacement wire and thought “God damn it. I really hate this stove”

Sure, it’s not as bad as the time I paid someone $70 to plug it in properly but still I hate feeling like I paid lots of money to someone for doing something I could totally do myself had I just made a bit more effort.

The probable cause for the wiring getting fried in the first place was a damaged connection with the baking element, whether the clip on the stove was bent a bit when I replaced it last time or the element’s connector piece was faulty itself is impossible to say. Or possibly the wiring itself was to blame given it happened more than a year after I replaced the element.

Next time something goes wrong with the stove, no matter what it is, I am disassembling it & trying to fix it myself before calling for help.

If that doesn’t get me a new stove nothing will.

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3 comments to The stove

  • SFD

    This isn’t going to end well. I can feel it.

  • LOL at the prior comment!

  • You’ve been WAAAYYY more patient about that than I would’ve been LOL We have a really cheap stove we bought when we first got this house – the elements are all crooked (so no pan sits on them flat), the seal on the oven is broken, so the oven door and cook top get really hot really fast, and I’m so ready for a new one. Yet ours has to be special ordered because of where it sits, and I’m not quite ready to settle for the cheapest one ..and want something just a little better, which means I have to wait..and complain more when I burn myself :)