Technology hates me–still


I had a Droid phone until recently.

Recently being Saturday.

Last Monday the phone decided to factory reset itself for no apparent reason. No system update or anything like that, just one minute it was fine & the next it was behaving like it had no idea who I was.

Is it a phone or an ex-boyfriend?

And most of my apps were gone. Most of the ones that were left didn’t work. (much like my cassette tape collection after my roommate let my ex boyfriend in the house while I was at work)

Double Twist, the music app, still worked and so did Audible, the audiobook app. But gmail didn’t, nor did Amazon & a couple others. Their not working wasn’t the issue. Their constant pop up alerts about how they were not working & should a report be sent, were the issue. Those alerts cut into what I was listening to and no matter how I answered the question, 5 minutes later, I was asked it again. (Again, the resemblance to my ex boyfriend in the days after we broke up is startling)

All day long.

I factory reset it myself deliberately but that solved nothing and it reset itself again 2 days later just for giggles.

I’d been hoping to wait until after the holidays to get a new phone but the Droid 3 was out now (must have sliding keyboard) & what the hell, I’ve got some money saved up toward a new camera, I’ll dip into it and get a new phone.

Saturday, after DH replaced the hoses on his truck’s power steering pump in the hope that just they were the problem (a $20 fix he can do) and not the pump itself (a $500 fix someone else has to do),  we dragged the demons off to Verizon & I got a new phone. I was eligible for an upgrade with a new 2 year agreement.

But I am not allowed to sign for the agreement.

Back in 1996 Cell One and I had a falling out over whether I owed them an early cancellation fee. The conflict dragged on for a few months with nasty letters, photocopies of bank statements & faxes of bills flying back & forth before it was finally settled – in my favor.

But ever since then no cell phone company will put my name on a contract without $1000 down as a security deposit.

This means I have to have DH along with me whenever I want to get a new phone & should we ever divorce I have to insist on a clause stating he keeps me on his cell phone plan or pays the security deposit for me to have my own.

I spent Saturday redownloading apps, even the ones on my memory card because the new phone couldn’t see them and going through all my contacts, deleting the extraneous ones that come from Facebook or Twitter or are ‘no reply’ email addys.

Sunday I woke up to discover my beloved flat screen monitor had passed away during the night. It wouldn’t turn on, no matter what I did, just flashed briefly and stayed black.

It had been with me for 7 years. *sniff*. I loved that monitor.


It’s shown here with my Compaq laptop which died in July 2009.

It was a 21” standard flat screen, and had been sent by View Sonic as a replacement for a 20” one that developed a color problem in 2005. DH had purchased the original as an Xmas present in 2004. I’m addicted to a dual monitor set up, have been since back in 2000 when I needed one for my old job. A 15” laptop screen was so limiting!

The combination of the beloved flat screen monitor with my current 17” laptop monitor was perfect! I could keep my scrapping software open in the top screen and my various folder windows opened in the bottom.

But 7 years is a good life for a monitor & I’d known sooner or later this would happen.

I just didn’t expect it to happen less than 24 hours after shelling out over $150 for a phone (not including case & screen protector).

So on my single screen I browsed Wal Mart for a new monitor. I figured I‘d drive into town (whichever town had the monitor) and pick up a new one. There are 7 Wal Marts within 90 minutes of my house so surely something would be available.

And there was, but then I decided to check Amazon for more reviews, Amazon seems to get more detailed reviews than WalMart, and in the end went with one I found there.


A 24” widescreen! For considerably less than the original 20” one cost back in 2004, but still another $150 hit to the camera fund, which is now nearly depleted.

I’m liking the new monitor. I had to tune down the contrast, which was really strong but other than that, straight out of the box it’s good. I still need to calibrate it with my PSP software but I don’t think much will need to be done with it.

Now if the laptop and camera could just remain working for a couple more years I’ll be good.

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5 comments to Technology hates me–still

  • SFD

    This is where I mention that I’ve never heard of an iPhone factory resetting itself, and that a new one is expected in a couple of weeks.

    • I had one briefly, assuming it found a signal, it dropped most of the calls. Probably they have fixed that but I have a prejudice against iTunes & won’t have it on my computer because it eats all the memory even when I am not using it.

  • Love your opening block! Your experience with phone companies sounds like mine with paypal . . . I don’t have a dual screen set-up (at least partially cuz I use a laptop), but I do set my ipad up next to my computer when I’m using PSE or some other program where I need to have a video tutorial available.

  • If I’m doing something on the desktop, I’ve usually got the laptop sitting next to it and I’m multitasking. You can get so much more done with two computers on the go, especially as my desktop is painfully slow. I find it especially useful though for having tutorials or instructions open in one if I’m trying to do something new on the other.
    And yeah, technology hates me too. I’ve also got a shiny new monitor after seven or eight faithful years of service from the old one. Only mine almost set on fire. I never leave it on unless I’m in the room now…

  • Oh man, when it rains, it poors! I’d be going crazy too, that’s a lot to deal with at once! Hooray for the new monitor though. I’ve been dying to get a widescreen monitor for forever. Maybe one day…