This bottle sits on the kitchen counter, in between the wine rack and the sink.

No one is sick or in pain.

No one even takes the liquid form anymore. They’ve moved on to the kids’ dissolving tablets.

But the bottle remains on the counter.

See, it’s what keeps them healthy & pain free.

Just by being on the counter, between the wine rack & the sink.

When they were toddlers & feverish we’d get the bottle out of the medicine closet, dose them, and then leave the bottle there on the counter, between the wine & the sink, where they couldn’t reach it but it was handy for us when they needed another dose. Then when they were over the fever or the pain we’d put it back in the closet.

But sometimes we would forget and the bottle would remain there, between the wine rack & the sink, until it occurred to one of us (ok, me) to put it back.

After about a year I realized that within 2 weeks of my putting the bottle in the closet where it belongs, one of the kids would get sick again & I’d need to get it out once more. It didn’t matter if I put it away the next day or the next month. Just whenever I did finally put it away, within two weeks one of the kids would need it again.

Obviously the meds must work in a proactive kind of way, just by being visible. As long as they can be seen, they can keep you pain & fever free.

So I tried moving it to the top of the fridge, where it could still be seen but would be even further out of reach.

But the kids got sick within 2 weeks of my moving it.

Apparently the magic only works if the bottle is between the wine rack & the sink. It doesn’t matter what brand or type it is – generic, brand name, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, whatever, it just needed to be right there where it can see & be seen.

For the next 3 years a bottle was a near constant presence on my counter. Every now and then I would forget and put it away & then when someone got sick a week later I would remember why it had been left out in the first place.

When Havoc moved up to the rapid tabs I left the box of them sit there in place of the bottle, but that failed to work on several levels. Not only did someone get sick within 2 weeks but also the box got wet & soggy from spilled liquids from the wine rack and the sink & loose tablet sheets would get shoved under the wine rack & be impossible to reach when you needed them.

So I brought back the bottle a few months ago and no one has needed any pain killers ever since, until last night, when DH accidentally elbowed Havoc in the nose. I went to get the tablets and as I passed through the kitchen I glanced over and noticed the bottle was missing.

It had been put back in the closet because ‘no one needed it’.

Shows what they know.

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