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I’m still strung out on meds from my annual allergy weekend. And suffering from lack of sleep from all the sneezing my meds failed to prevent during my annual allergy weekend. Probably it was made worse by all the sawdust in the air as well.

So I’m not so good at coherence right now.

The floor is 98% done. On the stair nose piece remains to be attached.

This is because the stair is 40” long and a single piece of stair nose is 78” long.

I know, I know, but really…it’s not the meds. You can ask DH if you doubt me. He’ll say the same thing, the stair nose is 2” short. The ‘nose’ area is actually concealing a 2” thick concrete slab and not the usual quarter inch thick bit of flooring, so we need to run the nosing across the front *and* over the top.

So we need TWO 78” pieces.

Because nothing – NOT ONE SINGLE THING – is allowed to be simple & straightforward in this house.

We have lots of eggs. And by that I mean DAMN, lots of eggs. 3 a day, nearly every day. We eat a frittata a week. I hard boil 8-10 a week and make deviled eggs out of the ones Havoc & DH don’t snack on. I make various brioches & other eggy breads.  I’m going to start making custard soon.  I need some idea of things to make that use up 4-6 eggs at a time. Sweet or savory. Not omelets or variations on omelets but more like …I don’t know … bread pudding, quiche… any suggestions are appreciated.

I read somewhere that it is a good idea to have 21 meals in your basic supper repertoire so you always know you have a decent variety to fall back on. I made a list & I only have 13 go to meals, 15 if you include ‘order pizza’ and ‘order Chinese’. I have a gajillion recipe cards though & I think my newest goal in life is to have 21 meals I know how to make, my family likes, & require ingredients we generally have on hand, by the end of the year.

I have no plan for supper tonight though.

I had intended to give up romance novels for awhile but 4 books I requested to review a month or more ago were just approved and they are all romances.

There are no Brother Cadfael books available on the kindle & my library does not have “Rose Rent” and “Summer of the Danes”, the two I want to reread.

Thanks everyone for your prayers & kind words on Friday. They made a rough situation better for me. We’ve started down the different path & it’s too soon yet to tell but there was the smallest bit of difference noticed & small as it was, it was still huge & I hope it will continue.

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8 comments to Random updates

  • Popped in from SITS to say hi!

  • Really like the idea of 21 go-to meals. I think we have about five: tri-tip; beef and broccoli (made with left over tri-tip); tortillas with beans and beef (made with left over tri-tip); chicken with rice or pasta (husband says he does this in different ways, but Henry and I think it’s all the same); turkey burgers (or hamburgers).

  • Kai

    Here you go…


    If you double or triple the recipe, you’ll be using 6-9 eggs in a shot. Then, you can freeze them and use them as you need them. I haven’t made them, but the person who shared this recipe with me said they were AWESOME. The key, they said, was fresh ingredients. And… you have the eggs! :)

    PS> Time saving tip: you don’t have to make the sauce too… any ol’ jar of your fave will do. :)

  • I DEFINATELY don’t have 21 recipes! Glad to hear things look as if they might be improving
    Alison xx

  • yikes, i think my recipe stash includes maybe 5 recipes, and that includes microwaving tv dinners.

  • Debs

    I have two shelves full of cookery books but can never think of what to cook in the evenings! I don’t think I would have 21 reliable favourites that I could name and lots are just variations on a theme!

  • SFD

    21? Well, there might be 21 things in our combined repertoire (my wife and I both cook; very different styles) but that’s only if you include everything that ignores any dietary restriction like low-fat, low-carb, or nutritious.

  • Well crap I don’t have anything like 21 recipes. Must get that figured out.

    When we have too many eggs I make quiche (uses like 5 or 6 eggs) and pound cake – I believe that uses 5 eggs. Both recipes are from the Fanny Farmer cookbook – a good basic go-to source for unfancy but tasty food.

    Right now I have too much zucchini and have made about 50 loaves of Z bread (I exaggerate only a little). Need more recipes to get this stuff out of my garden!