Entrepreneurial spirit


Lately the boys are all about making money.

They have discovered they can buy certain Wii & DS games used for really cheap by surfing the web for the best deals.

When your allowance is $3 a week and the game is $7 with shipping it isn’t too hard to save. Especially if you can convince your brother to lend you $2.

Or you can earn money by working.

DH cut down some trees & paid them each $10 to haul the wood to the burn pile on the other end of the property.

We pay them $1 if they order water when we are out to eat (beverages, even kid ones seem to be in the $1.50-2 range so we are saving money & they are drinking something good for them)

They are always coming to me with suggestions of things to earn more.

Will I pay them 50 cents if they put away their laundry? Will I pay them 25 cents if they put away their toys? Will we pay them if they wash the car? If they carry the groceries?

DH & I do not have this entrepreneurial spirit. We wait until a job is on offer & then take it. The idea of creating work never really occurred to either of us as children. It cut into our fun.

They get it from my dad, who was earning money starting when he was about 5. Granted he earned it doing things like carrying ice up flights of stairs for people’s ice boxes, fetching beer & cigarettes for the guys gambling in the ‘social club’ across the street and running errands for the ladies who worked in the brothel on the corner, but he was always hustling. My grandparents occasionally found themselves in the position of needing to borrow money from *him*. He even once gave them some money & told them they needed a night out.

We lack the need for ice & sadly for the boys don’t live near a social club or a brothel, so they are forced to fall back on chores.

Havoc though has gotten creative.

He recently borrowed $3 from Mayhem. Mayhem agreed to lend it to him in exchange for Havoc being his waiter for a week. Havoc has to bring Mayhem his breakfast & his snack & any drinks Mayhem asks for.

Not a bad deal for Mayhem.

But since we go out to eat once a week, Havoc is well aware of how waiters work. He wrote up a menu of snacks, breakfasts & drinks that Mayhem could choose from.

And added prices next to each item.

He was planning on getting even more money out of Mayhem by charging him for the food. Because that is what waiters do.

He was sorely disappointed when DH explained that the restaurant gets that money. The waiter only get the tip. And in this house tipping is prohibited.

I’m not sure why Mayhem went with waiter, since they both have been one another’s butlers before & butlers have to fetch and carry everything the other person wants.

Do your kids do things like this or are mine just weird?

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4 comments to Entrepreneurial spirit

  • SFD

    I’ll try not to think too much about what this says about my daughter but…

    She doesn’t really _want_ for stuff other than books to complete a series, and she gets gift money from my parents for that almost every time we visit. However, she does seek out ways to earn money – for charity. Like lemonade stands or book sales or whatever.

  • My daughter loves to earn money; DS would rather sit around in his spare time. We do pay the kids to read (I’m sure that’s bad). One of my favorite layouts is when my daughter and one of her friends set up a stand to sell roly-poly’s. You know those segmented pill bugs!

  • DD is an only child so doesn’t have anyone to play with like this. She has written menus for us to choose from before though. When the Grandparents came round for tea she wrote a sign for the kitchen door which said ‘Staff Only’ to stop Grandma ruining the surprise.

  • Your boys sure are creative! I would never have thought of that kind of thing at their age! I like the dollar for water at a resturant! I’ll have to remember that when The Boy is older!