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Aug 2008

The water is going green and the boys are playing in it anyway. They have never really cares about the color of the water, just that it was there to swim in.

Good thing because some years, like 2009 and this year, the water is even greener come August. I was able to keep it from getting too green in 2008, but this year… I guess it is the high heat. Plus the pump is leaky. So I think I’m just doomed. I have drained & refilled the pool three times now, which is two more than any other year. I’ve dumped all the chemicals I can find in it, but nothing is working & now that it is August it is almost impossible to find any chemicals in stores.

We have had one of these Intex pools since 2007. Last year was the only year I didn’t feel like I was constantly tending the pool.

When it was the ring pool in 07 & 08 the main problem was the holes the cats put in the ring jumping up for a drink. You can see the yellow duct tape patches on the ring.

I was patching & refilling that ring a couple times a week. We even put a chicken wire fence around it to keep the cats out. But nothing really worked

We got a bigger pool in 2009 & it is the sort with poles.


It went green in August that year & never recovered.

I bought a floating box of chemicals in 2010 & it worked wonderfully! There was a small issue with a hose but it was replaced.It never went green

This year the pool went green July 6 & has never really recovered. It’s been various shades of green ever since.

I’ve given up on it. Oh, I’m going to make one last sweep through two Targets and three Wal Marts today in a long phone calling session in the hopes one of  them still has some pool chemicals available. If so then I will do one last drain & restart because we still have 3-5 weeks of swimming possible.

But I think it will be in green water.

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