Weekly Winners

The chickens are laying eggs


I’ve switched to French Press


Angry Kitty


Behold! An Oreo bigger than my head!


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10 comments to Weekly Winners

  • That is one mad feline. I can almost hear him growling.

    Everyone should have an Oreo bigger than their head.

  • Loving the angry cat…I know it’s angry…but I just love the expression on its face!

    • admin

      Smoke is our most expressive cat. When she wants petted she looks back over her shoulder at you and bats her eyes. Seriously. This cat can vamp.

  • That is one very cross cat! Interesting that you call that kind of coffee French Press, in the UK it is Cafetiere.
    Don’t know if it is just my computer but since you changed things, the middle column covers up some of the left hand one now. Has anyone else noticed?

    • admin

      hmm.. I hadn’t noticed that. Do you use IE, Firefox or Chrome when browsing? I’m on FF. I wonder if it is browser issue or something

  • I actually laughed out loud at the oreo picture! Too funny!

    • admin

      I did too when I saw him standing like that on my counter. He and the other clones were stealing mini oreos & the boys were ‘stopping them’ they said

  • Angry Cat is so awesome. What a great catch!!

    How are you liking the French Press? My sis-in-law swears by it. I’m still on the fence…

    • admin

      I’m liking it. I switched to it a few weeks ago because my drip coffeemaker did not like decaf coffee & always overflowed the basked & got grounds all over the place when I used decaf. I had to give up caffeine as part of my insomnia treatment.