Titles are a challenge for me

Especially when I have no specific topic.

The seeping pipe in the shower is still seeping. But the faucet is not dripping so I suppose that is an improvement. We are losing a lot less water, but what we are losing is dripping under the tub instead of down the drain which is the opposite of improvement.

Of course ‘dripping’ is probably not the right word.  The paper towel piece wrapped around the pipe is just a bit damp two days after DH did whatever it was he needed to do Sunday but didn’t have the right stuff then. Every now & then if you touch where the pipe joins to the new fixture piece you might feel a drip of water. So not really dripping.

But still. It is a problem. So the hole in the wall is still there.

And at some point when I was focused on the bathroom one or possibly two cats peed on the carpet in the playroom.


Cats have been peeing on that carpet sporadically and at random for 5 years now. I have no idea why. I treat it with various products that swear to remove all odors and a few months go by with no cats peeing on it & then suddenly they pee on it for 3 days straight. Litter boxes are clean & accessible when this happens. We drag them off to the vet (all of them since we don’t know who did it) and they are all healthy. I treat the carpet again, a few months go by maybe more and then we repeat the process.

We can’t keep the door to that room shut because it is the source of natural light for the hallway.

This time nothing is getting rid of the smell. So I want to rip the carpet out & drag it & the underlayment outside to bake in the sun for a few days. This works wonderfully for things cats have peed on. It gets rid of the smell permanently. But removing wall to wall carpet & dragging it outside is not my first, second or even 9th choice. It’s just all I have left now. Fortunately it’s a small room & has furniture against all the walls so I’m not too concerned about re-laying it properly.

And we had that carpet put down when we moved in here in 1997, so I know how it was put in & will not be encountering underlayment that has been super glued to the floor or carpet that was installed with staple guns & duct tape.


It is supposed to rain for the next three days.

This is how things work for me.

No rain all summer long. No cats pee on anything all summer long. It’s been raining off & on for about 8 days now. Cats pee on the carpet.

I’d like to end this on a upside. To say “but in other news…” But there is no other news, which is why I haven’t been posting much.

I’m sure things will pick up. They generally do.

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3 comments to Titles are a challenge for me

  • Cats are a mystery. Then again, if we don’t crate our dog when we leave him at home alone, he breaks out of the kitchen and goes and poops on the living room carpet. I think it’s to show that he is mad at us. Since cats are more complex than dogs, perhaps they have some weird logic like that they’re operating under. Or not. :)

  • I swear, there is no product on the market that totally eradicates whatever kind of scent that pee leaves – even if we can’t smell it, the freaking dog (or cat, in your case) can and will pee there again. I’ve tried everything that Pet Smart sells – I think they love seeing me come in the door. I’m waiting for them to honor me with my very own holiday.

  • We use Petco’s cleaner and it’s always worked for us. I even use it when they hack up their disgusting hairballs.