Old Notebooks


I keep a small notebook by my desk.

I write everything down in it. Sites I want to visit, things I want to look up, ideas for blog posts, phone numbers, messages, lists of items to pack, recipes I want to make, food I need to buy, potential words for Words with Friends (as above) & books I want to find in the library. Anything I want to remember later.

My memory has sucked since April 2002 when the insomnia began, so I write EVERYTHING down.

I was cleaning under things in the living room this weekend & came across an old one of my notebooks.


Going by the only date in the book that mentions a year, this comes from early 2008.  The handwriting changes at the back, indicating DH made off with it at some point & never returned it.

It is interesting to see what was on my mind 3 years ago.

There are many grocery lists, broken up by grocery store.

There is a huge list that was either an inventory of the pantry, or possibly a giant stocking up trip.

There are what appear to be notes for an article or post on hybrid scrapping, which I cannot explain as I do not hybrid scrap & have never wanted to because it involves my nemesis – the scissors.

There is a huge list of books. Not books I own, but I know I have read some of them. I think I got it from another book about “what to read” or something. There are lists of book genres & totals.

There are random phone numbers & email addresses

And then there is this list, which I cannot make any sense of:

  • Communism China
  • Huck Finn
  • Southern pre civil war industry
  • song lyrics
  • samurai pants – hakema
  • union increases
  • garage door
  • forest regenerate
  • god proof
  • summon demons
  • Dante
  • glabella
  • plains Indian treaty
  • cold war
  • Robert Frost
  • 200 forks????
  • Shabbat

Bits and pieces seem related but as a whole it is rather disjointed. But there it is in the notebook, a cohesive list of these items, one after the other.

I have no idea what any of it means or why I would write any of it down or what might link them together. Possibly I was just following links one day & decided to write them down out of random boredom.

I don’t even know what a ‘glabella’ is & I am damn curious what I intended to do with 200 forks & are the question marks questioning that there are 200 or that they are forks?

DH’s section is full of drawings of what I assume is the mud room, but could be the kids not tree house and calculations about how much wood is needed, what kinds & how much it costs.


And he has a random list too

  • mud room
  • play house
  • deck move – swingset tear down
  • garage (roof at least)
  • barn entrance
  • trailer entrance
  • lowboy cleanup
  • small trailer cleanup
  • backhoe sale
  • motorcycle luggage
  • fix passcode
  • rebuild saw
  • bonfire pit
  • spiral pump
  • draw bridge
  • chicken door
  • finish siding on barn
  • paint barn

I’m guessing he found this notebook recently judging by the list. This looks sort of a like a ‘to do before home appraisal’ list. Though I can’t imaging the appraiser will care about his motorcycle luggage or the back hoe.

Nor did I know we had a back hoe or that it needed to be sold.

And what we need with a drawbridge, unless he also adds a turret, crenelated walls & arrow slots to the house, I don’t know.

Do you keep lists? Low tech or high tech versions?

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9 comments to Old Notebooks

  • I’m impressed you leave your notebook in the same place everyday! This way it is of real value… my problem is even using my IPhone, I have no sense of cohesiveness… they are scattered everywhere- in other words, I need a list to keep up with where my lists are ;-)
    My favorite of your ‘unknown topic” are the samurai pants– oh to know the story behind those, right!

  • I am not a list-maker..thus my life tends to be chaotic..when it needn’t be. I’m really impressed that you kept them, too – that’s a little bit of Stacy history in the making! (you should scrap it! LOL)

  • A random list indeed! I go through phases of keeping lists..and must confess life goes much more smoothly when I do!
    Alison xx

  • SFD

    I’ll keep lists, but it’s generally for a short term period like a few hours or 1-2 days at most. Usually they are task-related, either for work or some other larger project I’m working on (like, say, a blog migration).

  • As a household we keep a weekly grocery list on a dry erase board or else come time to go to the store we can’t remember 1/2 of the things someone in the family thought we needed at some point during the week. I keep an ongoing list of books/movies/music I’d like to read/see/download on my iPhone otherwise I never remember any of them at the time when I’m going to the library/video store/iTunes. Finally, at work I always have a running to do list. Without it I’m lost. Ever since having kids I have to keep lists because my memory is for crap. Sigh.

  • I have loads of notebooks that are picked up randomly….3 in my handbag (which I only take to work so rarely use unless I cant find one at home lol), 2 in the lounge, countless ones of differing sizes in my spare room, 2 in my bedside drawer, several that both me and the boss use in the kitchen drawer and then there is our dry board list on the wall in the kitchen. I also have hundreds of sticky notes with lists on doted around the spare room, mostly with scrap lifts I like. mmmmm, think I am a bit obsessed lol. (Most of the lists remain just that by the way and half the time I cannot date them as I just pick them up as I see them so most haven’t been completed yet!)

  • I certainly do keep lists…. When I don’t lose them under piles of c**p, they are very useful. I was tidying my desk yesterday and found loads of individual little notes on all sorts of subjects….and the notebook they would have been written in, had I not buried it under piles of cr.. Hummm… if I kept all my lists in one place, I’m sure I’d accomplish so much more… Now, there’s a good idea (which I should write down before I forget it lol)!

    Love your random list, it really deserves a scrap page – as does the one by DH!

  • That list is really interesting (yours, not your husbands)(no offense to your husband). I am really curious about it. And I think this would be a great start to a mystery book- why did you write this list? How are they related? And why can’t you remember it?

    I’d read it.

  • I love this!! Yes, I do keep a handwritten list, in a small notebook next to the mousepad of my computer. Sadly, it is so disorganized that I can never be sure where to find anythin in it. But – it beats loose scraps of paper.