Shake Shake Shake


Probably you heard about the 5.8 earthquake we had here on the USA’s East Coast.

And now I am about to admit something I never have before on this blog…my location…sorta.

I live about 30ish miles from the quake epicenter. Depends on whether you are just drawing a straight line or if you want to use a road.

The house shook hard.

Earthquakes in my house are interesting.

This is my second, the first was a much smaller one back in 1997. Back then the ceiling shook briefly, as if a small tractor was being driven over it.  I didn’t even know it was an earthquake until I heard it on the news hours later.

This one though felt/sounded like a whole herd of cows was stampeding across the roof & since that is not at all an impossibility I dashed out the door to check, telling the kids to stay inside where it was safe. Once I saw no cows I shouted for them to get out of the house where it was dangerous, knowing my second thought – an earthquake – was correct. We stood in the yard where you could barely feel a tremor & watched the sliding glass doors rattle in their casements & the water in the pool slosh around for about 30 seconds.

My biggest concern was possibly falling electric wires.

ok…actually my biggest concern was possibly falling internet poles. But the man who erected it knows how to keep his pole up under adverse conditions.

And my ISP is never going to let me forget it either.

At least until it falls over in a nice heavy rain like it used to.

When the noise ended we went back inside & naturally the first thing I did was get on Facebook, followed by the USGS site to see where the quake was centered. Only later did it occur to me to wonder what was happening at the not that far away nuclear power plant…Nothing as it turns out. Did you know our power plant is only rated for up to a 6.2 earthquake.

Me neither! Now I have something new to worry about in addition to hurricanes, meltdowns & terrorist action.

Some of the commercial buildings in the small town north of us suffered some structural & facade damage.

301499_277498748931710_100000147607069_1384058_6054564_n  320622_277498788931706_100000147607069_1384059_5465749_n

Photos by Chris Fox.



Photos by BJ Troiano,

There was also some damage here


I don’t know if FEMA helps rebuild broken ships but I expect the Legos will be building housing trailers for the clones soon.

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16 comments to Shake Shake Shake

  • Glad you are all safe…clones included! Looks as though it did a fair bit of damage reasonably close to yoy
    Alison xx

    • Stacey

      Yeah, we are up to 8 condemned commercial buildings downtown & one apartment building that isn’t livable.

  • I’m in NC and even though the vast majority of people felt it here, I didn’t. I find it ironic though that I was using the day to restock out hurricane boxes :/

  • SFD

    We felt it up here in Toronto too. It kind of made me dizzy, actually.

    Glad you escaped with minimal damage.

  • Glad you’re safe! I’ve lived through a couple of big quakes, and they can be very scary.

    • Stacey

      This wasn’t really scary so much as exciting. Now had I been in town where bricks & stuff were falling, I’d feel differently.

  • I’m glad you guys are o.k. Thinking about your house I would be concerned about the roof caving in. Are you going to have to have it looked at?

    • Stacey

      No, our roof is incredibly over engineered for support due to the local inspectors having no clue what was actually needed back in 1978. DH did get up in the tiles to see if there were any cracks in the cinder blocks & beams but it all looks ok

  • Glad to hear you are all okay. You should check out the new post from Becky Higgins ~ all about how to document natural disasters (in a positive way) ~ interesting reading.

  • Glad you and your house are okay. I’m up in NJ and this was my first quake. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was more than a little terrified.

  • Gosh that would be scary. Glad you are okay. Hope the clones are able to get some emergency assistance :)

  • Confession: I’ve always wanted to be in an earthquake. I’ve done the hurricane business, I’ve seen a tornado (but would like to see another someday) but I’ve always wanted to be in an earthquake. I’m kind of an idiot apparently, but I can’t help it.

  • Oh..the humanity of the lego destruction :D The rest can be easily fixed!

    You do know that one of the first rules of earthquakes is to NOT run outside LOL

    • Stacey

      In town I would have stayed in a doorway or something, but out here, what is going to fall on us? Leaves? :) Nearly everyone around here ran out of the buildings because earthquake preparedness is not something that has ever occurred to us.

  • Glad to know you are all OK and that the clones & dinos didn’t suffer too much!